expanding upon

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This new practice - which consists of a drawing studio and an enormous workshop - is expanding upon the principles of design and fabrication developed so convincingly by Hoffman while teaching at the Academy.
We look forward to expanding upon the national presence and innovative product offerings that these firms have developed.
This is the next step in expanding upon that commitment.
As we look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Osiris, we shall continue to explore expanding upon the potential of these cells.
Expanding upon the San Francisco event, OSBCLegal in Seattle is scheduled to take place September 7, 2005 at the Grand Hyatt Seattle and will focus exclusively on the complex legal issues surrounding Open Source software.
Expanding upon current BPO services being delivered, ASI will begin providing debit card administration as well as HSA and FSA processing for PacifiCare's Self Directed Health Plan.
We look forward to the start of this relationship and expanding upon GPT's current global resources.