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Synonyms for expandible

able to expand or be expanded

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(of gases) capable of expansion

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The difficulty of determining the position of the water table and permeability of soils dominated by expandible lattice clays (smectites) is an additional complicating factor.
By using Deposco's eXpandible Platform, CheapCycleParts.
Pc Dunn and Sgt Leslie were nominated by the West Midlands Police Federation for their bravery when they arrested a violent group armed with a sword, baseball bat and expandible baton.
By still offering seating for five adults, plus luggage area in the boot of at least 550 litres - expandible to 2,500 litres with the rear seats folded - and by adding four-wheel-drive and new interior flexibility, the Trekka takes another leap ahead of its rivals.
5-inch, 270MB fast drive, ideal for high performance back-up, multimedia or any other application requiring an expandible and flexible storage media, appears to have stalled sales of optical and Bernoulli drives.
Contract awarded for nonabsorbable suture synthetic monofilament expandible double needle 8-0 1/2 circle cylindrical conical tip, 2.
The show's title is designed to be expandible for possible future sequels, as more ingenious ideas are found for exploiting impromptu musical instruments lying around in the broom cupboard or garden shed.
As it prepares its expandible transport network ahead of the Football World Cup in 2022, $17 billion worth of road projects are now in cruise control In Qatar, while Kuwait highlights its position as one of the most active markets for road projects in the coming two years, with $9 billion of plans in the pipeline.
I can now play the "how big is yours" game with the other boys (mine's 128k and expandible, by the way).
The Jetstream Navitus catheter is designed for enhanced flexibility in complex anatomy and offers unique expandible blade technology which enables the physician to treat blockages in vessels from the superficial femoral artery to below the knee with a single device.
The inner chamber is expandible so salt water can be injected through a button on the side of the breast to alter the size `to balance her out'.