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Synonyms for expand

spread (out)


expand on something


Synonyms for expand

to make or become more comprehensive or inclusive

to express at greater length or in greater detail

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

Synonyms for expand

extend in one or more directions

become larger in size or volume or quantity

make bigger or wider in size, volume, or quantity

grow vigorously

exaggerate or make bigger

expand the influence of

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Laser beam expanders are used within laser systems to expand or increase the size of a collimated beam.
The company's flagship product, the AeroForm tissue expander is approved for use in Australia (TGA) and Europe (CE Mark); to be reviewed by U.
As analyses of gas distribution networks have shown, there is a need for economically priced expanders of less than 500kW to satisfy a large potential market in local gas distribution systems.
Therefore the model could predict the performance of twin screw expanders successfully and it was very useful for the expander design and research.
A twin screw combined compressor and expander for [CO.
Extending the capability of SAS and SATA with management utilities, expanders, port multipliers, and faster and higher capacity disks is also occurring.
Adaptec has validated its Serial Attached SCSI controllers for compatibility with PMC-Sierra's maxSAS expander product family," said Paul Vogt, director of Internal Storage Business Line for Adaptec.
The launch of Apricorn's 2TB DVR Expander now gives our customers enough space to record hundreds of hours of their favorite HD programs.
com/research/s9swnv/fiber_optic_beam) has announced the addition of the "Fiber Optic Beam Expander Market by Design (Galilean, Keplerian), Device (Optical Communication, Measurement, Laser Systems, Remote Sensing), Application (Defense, Instrumentation, Industrial, Commercial), & Geography - Global Forecast to 2020" report to their offering.
Multi-vane expanders as prime movers for low-grade energy organic rankine-cycle engines.
These multiple links, in turn, can be combined into wide ports that enable system designers to aggregate the performance of SAS initiators and expanders, increasing total available bandwidth.
NASDAQ:PMCS) has announced the PM8383 SXP 12x3G and PM8381 SXP 6x3G, 12 and 6 port Edge Expanders, optimized for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise-class server applications.
Up to three Allworx Px 6/2 Expanders can be used concurrently to expand the capacity of the 24x, 10x and 6x allowing for an additional 18 central office lines per system.
The XPAND study was designed to directly compare outcomes in two-stage breast reconstruction -- including successful expansion to implant exchange, average number of days to achieve the desired expansion, total reconstruction time, pain and patient satisfaction -- with AeroForm versus traditional saline expanders.
Several types of expanders were developed, and their performance and characteristics were presented (Driver and Davidson 1999; Beak et al.