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Synonyms for exotropia

strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward

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Sensory exotropia is unilateral divergent misalignment of the eyes, resulting from loss of vision or long-standing poor vision in an eye.
Caption: Figure 1: Both eye nystagmus, right eye exotropia, and left eye mild ptosis
After the orbital rotation surgery aimed at correcting hipertelorism, the ocular alignment improved; however, intermittent exotropia deteriorated again after six to seven months.
Watch the uncovered eye for any movement as it takes up fixation: inward movement indicates exotropia and outward movement esotropia.
She had right exotropia of more than 450 with impaired extraocular movements except slight elevation in abduction and center.
Esotropia, exotropia, and hypertropia (2) are described by an inward, outward, or vertical (upward) ocular manifest deviation, respectively.
E(T), X(T), H(T), Ho(T): Endotropia intermitente, exotropia intermitente, hipertropia intermitente, hipotropia intermitente.
Prince Edward and Princess Sophie have rarely allowed their seven-year-old daughter to be photographed due to her rare optical condition called exotropia, which causes the eyes to point outwards.
Field expansion for homonymous hemianopia by optically induced peripheral exotropia.
These symptoms were associated with a large palpable temporal mass, mild periorbital erythema, exotropia with reduced right eye motility, lower lid retraction, right eye dryness due to exposure, and 5 mm exophthalmos.
Freeman RS, Isenberg SJ 1989 The use of part-time occlusion for early onset unilateral exotropia Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology Strabismus 26 94-96.
Esta afeccion se llama exotropia o estrabismo divergente.
Masculino de nueve anos de edad (Figura 5), con retraso mental, facies aplanada, puente nasal ancho, sinofris, pestanas largas, rizadas y abundantes, exotropia de ojo derecho, polidactilia, hipertricosis, genitales pequenos (Figura 6) y obesidad; cariotipo,46,xy,t(6;9)(p21;q34) (Figura 7) padres con cariotipo normal.
On examination, she had bilateral complete blepharoptosis and right exotropia in primary gaze position.
At 1/3m--orthophoric breaking down to a small right hypertropia with a minimal alternating exotropia with intermittent diplopia At 6m--minimal right hyperphoria with good recovery.