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Synonyms for exotropia

strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward

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If there is NO movement of the uncovered eye when you remove the cover and the uncovered eye remains fixated then an alternating exotropia or esotropia is present (the child is able to fixate with both eyes).
They can hopefully be alert to the earliest signs of psychiatric problems in patients with exotropia, so they can consider having them seen by a psychologist or psychiatrist," said Mohney.
She has exotropia, a condition in which one eye turns outward.
This results in complete ptosis, diplopia and external ophthalmoplegia (vertical deviation and exotropia of the affected side).
A high prevalence of reduced VA, reduced accommodation and exophoria and exOtropia are also commonly reported.
There is also a risk of causing accommodative or convergence spasm by overdoing the exercises or giving exercises to inappropriate patients for example in patients with intermittent distance exotropia.
b) Decreased deviation for far vision but consecutive exotropia at near
Other signs to look for are external ophthalmoplegia (vertical deviation and exotropia in the side of the dilated pupil) inducing diplopia and upper lid ptosis.