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the quality of being exotic

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In Femeninas, the most representative example of this model is Nina Chole, a lewd and cruel woman, amalgam of eroticism and exotism, a very frequent combination in Modernism.
The exotism breaks through lightly, through the veil of familiar things.
de 1900 a 1930", comprised 12 distinct programs (14 concerts including the closing one), showing the intense creativity of the first third of the century: expressionism, exotism, futurism, constructivism, polyrhythm, bruitism, and so on, on the one hand, and archaism and neoclassicism on the other ; the invention of "new systems of sound organization" (Nikolay Roslavets), the "new linearity" (Lev Knipper, Aleksandr Mosolov), and "total chromatism" and resorting to electronic means (Nicolas Obouhow).
I shall leave the exposition of my reasons to distrust the exotism of mental ontologies like these until later.
If one were to single out the primary enemy of realism as Aragon sees it, it would be exotism, from Chateaubriand to Paul Morand, "auteur pour boursiers et wagons-lits.