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the quality of being exotic

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The second became a branch of scholarship referred to as Orientalism, supported by a vast body of academic writing and travel literature that created and recreated the orient as a world of fantasy and exoticness.
We hear enthralling stories of its wonders, its exoticness in a conversation William and Marianne have aboard the ship Green Dolphin when Captain O'Hara talks spellbindingly of mako sharks, forests with giant ferns, and of birds bigger than ostriches.
Chai's eastern origins, the spirituality, mystery and exoticness of this relatively strange new beverage may blend more completely with western materialism.
She is best known for women's accessory and clothing that bear the oriental look of Istanbul allowing each piece to carry a proprietary exoticness dreaming up in the cross-cultural trends of the time.
Publisher Mr Felton, said: "I think people like the exoticness of history, particularly with someone like John Dee.
It is true, he knows, that his man's chemistry will always want the tight trap of younger women, or the exoticness of a different skin - something other than he had; but he knew they would not have the smaller skills to satisfy him; would be overaware, like strangers, be too full of thought to properly trick his body to the places he had reached with his wife.
In spite of the disparity in budgets and in the exoticness of the locations - Cinecitta Studios in Rome compared to a community centre in Wednesbury and Earlswood Lakes - Keith actually told Tony that he waT envious of the fact he had got to write and direct his own movie.
I can indulge myself in sun-kissed fantasies of faraway exoticness without forking out on flights or having any vaccinations.