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the quality of being exotic

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The former famously insisted in Culture and Imperialism that there would be no European novel without imperialism; the latter contends in Atlas of the European Novel 1800-t900 that colonies were useful to novelists as sites of adventure and exoticism, that is, that their function for fiction had more to do with creative expedience than economic necessity.
Mintel's Jonny Forsyth said in order to attract more women and older drinkers, lager makers must strive for "authenticity, exoticism and a feminine makeover".
Part of the Chester Summer Music Festival, her recital contrasts the classicism of Beethoven, the romanticism of Chopin and the exoticism oS Debussy.
Margaret Lamb substituted playfulness for opulence in her costumes, leaving it to Gerard Gauci's sets to win the palm for stylish exoticism.
Woo" Science fiction, exoticism, and parody are used to defamiliarize, yet are also defamiliarized, as Wellman makes them no less solid or more preposterous than that which is usually taken as reality.
But I needed a name that evoked both power and exoticism," she said of Voldemort, Harry Potter's nemesis in the seven episodes of the bestselling series.
Even now, 100 years after Serge Diaghilev astonished Paris with his first season of the Ballets Russes, the name Diaghilev calls up images of exoticism, opulence, and innovation.
Vladimir Kapor's project involves focusing on exemplars of French literary exoticism in and around 1850, by using the above contexts as filtres through which the protean concept of the exotic might be understood.
Premised on the encounter with eternal incomprehensibility, the radical otherness of the other (an idea that would be taken up later by Baudrillard and Glissant), Segalen's exoticism vehemently dissociated itself from the facile exotic writings of Pierre Loti and others, to valorize the shock of the encounter between a strongly individualized self and the foreign other.
In the double process of linking and separating Self and Other through selective memory, exoticism breeds in the controversial interzone, accumulating to reverse the habitual patterns of establishing the Self by rooting it in the unforgettably (and also by and large untranslatably) alien.
For a number of reasons, including more competitive costs, exoticism, quality of services, hotel infrastructure and availability of docking space and in comparison with the overbooking which plagues many French marinas, Tunisia is set to become a Mediterranean hub for luxury boating.
With the current vogue on all things Oriental, choose brightly coloured orchids to bring an air of Eastern exoticism.
The exoticism of the imagery and the physical details - hair, hands, fingers, face - aptly struggle to escape the conversational tone of the poem.
In his discussion of Christoph Martin Wieland's fictional Reise des Priesters Abulfauaris ins innere Afrika (1768), he then highlights the dilemma of critical exoticism, since Wieland critiques Rousseau's concept of the 'noble savage' and exposes the (gendered) violence of colonial conquest, while at the same time reinforcing the Enlightenment's vision of cultural development defined by Europe.
Thus, from the start, the reanimated stiff was a modern phenomenon, a figure of Western exoticism as much as an authentic island legend, with tales of blank-eyed field workers, "white zombies," and witch-doctor mesmerism.