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the quality of being exotic

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And in Della Seta's " 'O cieli azzuri': Exoticism and Dramatic Discourse in Aida," ethnomusicologists and social historians alike may note a number of missed connections to the recent writings of Sindhumathi Revuluri--particularly in the Journal of the American Musicological Society--and those of Jann Pasler, published as Writing Through Music: Essays on Music, Culture, and Politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).
A sort of exoticism," he explains, "dependent on details drawn from the colonial archive fed young people's fantasies, and these fantasies, in turn, facilitated diverse political and pedagogical projects" (p.
The exoticism has clearly done nothing to detract from their global appeal.
There are also intriguing pairings of essays on topics such as exoticism and masculinity, with one essay analyzing the issue in the text and the next exploring it in specific productions.
Drawn to the exoticism and mystery of names on a map of Iran--Isfahan, Shiraz, Meshed, Kerman, Khorassan--Michael Carroll embarked on a journey in the years after the 1953 coup that took him through the heart of the country from the Taurus mountains to the Gulf of Oman.
This time, however, it is modernity, not exoticism, that is the source of fascination.
The debut set of four unisex fragrances ($65/each)--01 Sunda, 02 Owari, 03 Century and 04 Petrana--evoke the exoticism of travel and a modern approach to time-honored fragrance traditions, according to the company.
Using only the camera on his cell phone, Weiner has created a library of 200 over-sized kaleidoscopic digital photographs that evoke the saturated color, multi-varied texture and often inscrutable exoticism of SE Asia.
The simplicity of his characters, his films with almost no word devoid of all kind of moralization are perhaps the recipe for Saleem's original and exotic work--originality and exoticism that are not disconnected from his unique life pathway.
Mintel's Jonny Forsyth said in order to attract more women and older drinkers, lager makers must strive for "authenticity, exoticism and a feminine makeover".
Part of the Chester Summer Music Festival, her recital contrasts the classicism of Beethoven, the romanticism of Chopin and the exoticism oS Debussy.
Margaret Lamb substituted playfulness for opulence in her costumes, leaving it to Gerard Gauci's sets to win the palm for stylish exoticism.
But I needed a name that evoked both power and exoticism," she said of Voldemort, Harry Potter's nemesis in the seven episodes of the bestselling series.
Even now, 100 years after Serge Diaghilev astonished Paris with his first season of the Ballets Russes, the name Diaghilev calls up images of exoticism, opulence, and innovation.
4) Erminegildo Zegna set its corporate catalog in Beijing, in a sophisticated, rarefied setting, a mixture of exoticism and Orientalist recognition of the magnificent Chinese culture; the catalog was printed on paper recalling the rice paper used for Chinese ideograms.