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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Thus effective surveillance of animal diseases and protection of animal wealth through exclusion and containment of existing, emerging as well as transboundary or exotic diseases are a prerequisite for sustainable livestock production.
The way the Reagan administration did this was by investigating every exotic disease one could imagine for the purpose of developing vaccines.
Some worry about press intrusion if he is spotted out with "eligible" young ladies (eligible because they have a Christian name which sounds like an exotic disease followed by three hyphens).
That obstacle is sylvatic plague, an exotic disease fatal to black-tailed prairie dogs.
and considered an exotic disease, until the first two indigenous cases were discovered, almost simultaneously, in Texas, 1955.
It helps to safeguard the future of tree crop industries by pin-pointing the precise location and coverage of farmsimportant new data to support biosecurity planning and responses for an exotic disease incursion.
In medical school we get a 2-hour lecture on it, and it's always been presented as an exotic disease and one you don't treat," Dr.
Serious exotic disease outbreaks thankfully are rare but we are always ready to take action if one should happen," she said.
Mr Macfarlane said: "The presenting signs are scour in late summer in young stock and we will be asking clients if we can check for this disease on their farms - this is an exotic disease that is found sporadically around the United Kingdom.
He said: "It's no longer an exotic disease, it's all around us, and there may be carriers in Europe that we don't know about.
This exotic disease entered the United States in New York only five years ago but already has spread to all the lower 48 states except Oregon and Washington.
You may have heard this odd sounding name, although most of the parents I talk to have never heard of it and think it must be some new exotic disease that has invaded our boundaries.
Now I've heard of that but I thought it was just bad taste not some exotic disease.
The fact that the horse had come from Australia is as strong as the link with an exotic disease gets.
There have also been the first cases of bluetongue, an exotic disease moving north with climate change, and an alarming rise in bovine TB that has farmers and animal welfare groups confronting each other over proposals to cull badgers.