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(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat

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Kaolin group minerals are characterised by two major endothermic peaks and one exothermic peak.
From the t=200[degrees]C the system starts an exothermic process, due to decomposition of N[H.
2-9 endothermic effects at 90, 140, 172, 209, 338, 357, 367, 435, 735[degrees]C; 8 exothermic at 295, 395, 408, 480, 570, 598, 791, 820[degrees]C; thermal effects were accompanied by weight loss: at 80-500[degrees]C, when it amounted to 2.
75, and 1:1 exhibited an exothermic reaction at 150[degrees]C, resins with eq-MRs of 1:2 and 1:3 showed exothermic peaks at 185[degrees]C and resins with an eqMR of 1:4 presented an exothermic peak at 180[degrees]C.
This would then be followed by an exothermic step involving the expulsion of an activated atom, [CHS-HA.
It is also easy to mix, with very low viscosity, excellent penetration/air release, low shrinkage and low exothermic properties.
1 shows an endothermic peak in the temperature range of 400-800 o C with a distinct shoulder towards low temperature side and a large exothermic peak beyond 800 o C could also be observed.
Its low exothermic properties are also said to enhance performance through low shrinkage for thick bond lines, the lessening of residual stress in the finished joint and the possible use of cheaper core material in the composite.
Among the topics are nonstationary theory of the thermal explosion for monomolecular exothermic reactions, the material science chemistry of electrochemical microsensors and applications for biofilm research, a green process to prepare hydrophobic and transparent carbon nanotube-based surfaces, innovations in wood science, waste as a resource for high value materials, and applying electron backscatter diffraction to shape memory alloys.
Differential thermal analysis device is one of the thermal identification and analysis devices, which is used for the determination of enthalpy changes and the value of specific heat capacity of materials at constant pressure in an exothermic or endothermic chemical reaction.
Because this is an exothermic process, it releases heat that can warm both the desiccant and the incoming air.
The a hove exothermic shampooo formula is expensive because iL contains no waLer.
The mini-riser products use ASK's Exactcast coldbox technology, which replaces the sand-based exothermic formulation with an insulating mix of low density refractory material, reducing riser weight by 75%.
N0150 diaphragm pumps can be customized with water-cooled heads to prevent pump overheating in process applications where exothermic reactions from helium, xenon, and other gases may produce excessive heat and potentially shorten pump service life.