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(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat

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Crompton offers its Celogen family of exothermic CFAs, which can be used to foam wood-polyolefin and PVC composites.
75, and 1:1 exhibited exothermic reactions at 150[degrees]C, eqMRs of 1:2 and 1:3 showed exothermic peaks at 185[degrees]C, and an eq-MR of 1:4 presented an exothermic peak at 180[degrees]C.
Such is the case for profile extrusion, where the high gas pressure and volume from the exothermic portion help fill the profile while the controlled gas yield and cooling from endothermic decomposition reduce profile warpage.
a smooth transition to new exothermic sleeves without expensive and time-consuming casting trials.
Even though there are several controversial interpretations about the origin of these exothermic peaks [10-15], the first peak can be attributed to the polymerization initiated by a redox decomposition of methylethylketone peroxide (MEKP), and the second one to the polymerization initiated by the thermal decomposition of MEKP at high temperatures.
Sulfur vulcanization of natural and synthetic elastomers is known to be a first order exothermic process (refs.
This exothermic (energy-releasing) reaction blows the shell apart: It transforms the mixture of chemical powders into hot gases that expand suddenly, as hot gases do.
Wastech manufactures systems for both continuous and batch dilution and blending, and heat removal systems are available for exothermic acids.
Spectraflo liquid chemical exothermic and endothermic blowing-agent dispersions produce higher volumes of nitrogen gas per unit of additive than conventional blowing agents while improving structural uniformity and processing control.
The smaller line will be used for non-automotive jobbing work that requires chills and exothermic risers; the larger will increase the metalcasting facility's maximum gray and ductile iron casting size.
DynaMax units dissipate heat from exothermic, chemical reactions much faster than other products in their class and were developed to provide high performance and safety with greater ease of use and lower maintenance requirements, according to the company.
Hydrocerol[R] HK40E (major constituents being sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in a polyethylene carrier), and an exothermic type masterbatch, Hydrocerol[R] 1191 (major constituent being azodicarbonamide in a polyethylene carrier).
The reaction that occurs is exothermic and requires no additional input of heat energy to release the hydrogen.
Distributes azodicarbonamide exothermic products from Otsuka Chemical Co.