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(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat

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The third exothermal effect--and at the same time the stage of pyrolysis--took place when the temperature exceeded 361.
The reader should note that the kinetic model is used not only to calculate the heat released by the exothermal polymerization reaction, but also to deduce the evolution of the extent of reaction calculated from the simulated curing temperature.
During this slow exothermal reaction, heat will be emitted; however, no flames will be present, just a glow.
This control strategy is termed auto-refrigerated reactor, largely utilized for a great variety of exothermal reactions, including polymerization (Luyben, 1966, 1972, 1999; Henderson, 1987; Henderson and Cornejo, 1989; Toledo, 1992; Vasco de Toledo et al.
In addition to these exothermal products, a separate line of endo-thermal blowing agents is available.
TAC melts at 27[degrees]C and has an SADT of 89[degrees]C; exothermal auto-polymerization may occur from 160[degrees]C.
Injectable bioactive minerals, which provide immediate stability, harden with limited exothermal reactions and are strong enough to allow for an early and active rehabilitation will allow function to be restored more rapidly [5-8].
This assumption is confirmed by the fact that the exothermal effect occurred at the temperature of 350[degrees]C (fig.
The dynamic capability of the bellows design dissipates the exothermal and mechanical energy.
Axson reports that, having been certified by independent laboratories, all offer excellent insulation, resistance to thermal shock, low exothermal qualities, and ease of use.
Within a few hours a decision can be made whether the substance is harmless or may lead to exothermal reactions under certain conditions.
Whereas in DSC, the time-dependent progress of exothermal reaction peak is evaluated and normalized to the curing heat [14-17]