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a compound that gives off heat during its formation and absorbs heat during its decomposition

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While the tiny particles are not new to concrete, CoolCure becomes the first agent in its class to be deployed for heat of hydration or exotherm control.
g] in the -20[degrees]C range (attributable to the two reactants) and an exotherm associated with cure over the 50 to 200[degrees]C range.
In addition, sample C exhibited a second exotherm peak at 303[degrees]C, whereas no second exotherm peak was observed in samples A and B.
The exothermic heat decreased with the deepening of cure and no exotherm occurred after the heat treatment at 210[degrees]C, thereby showing the completion of the polymerization (Fig.
stop] temperature of completion of the exotherm (a) Temperature of cure initiation (b) Temperature of cure maximum (c) Temperature of end of cure Table 5: Mechanical properties of the cured films S.
This limits the resultant polymerisation exotherm and thus there may be relatively less temperature rise with PAC.
The polymerization heat, peak and maximum temperature of exotherm of B-z[(OH).
It can be seen that gradual weight loss occurred up to 363 [degrees]C which was only 2 wt%, corresponding to the exotherm peak at 338 [degrees]C in DTA.
During the first heating cycle, there is a large exotherm at high temperatures indicative of exothermic reactions possibly due to peroxide decomposition followed by formation of carbon--carbon and carbon--oxygen bonds.
This product has a two to one mix ratio by weight or volume, along with a low viscosity and exotherm, enabling it to be cast in larger sections up to 2-3" thick.
It has a low exotherm and long working life of five to seven hours at room temperature.
Its low exotherm also makes it suitable for potting, encapsulating, and casting, especially where wider cross section thicknesses are specified.
Its low exotherm also makes it a superb potting, encapsulating, and casting system, especially where wider cross section thicknesses are specified.
2%), between 395-545[degrees]C corresponding to the exotherm is ascribed to the slow oxidation of the organic matter.