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suitable for the general public

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4 for health information (being passive) Table 7: Respondent's reason for referring to the public library Respondent's reason for referring to the public N(%) library Proper number of health resources 42(21%) Simple and exoteric resources 61(30.
Here, of course, conspiracy theory and rumour-legend overlap to create what, from an exoteric perspective, appears to be a fatal flaw in the narrative: why construct an elaborate and dangerous (to life and property) plan simply to evict individuals who have no rights of habitation.
As for the scholars (specialists in exoteric Islam) and laypeople who strive to be acquainted with God and His ways, they should avoid the perplexity of Kalam--the abstruse discussion on Divine Attributes, involving philosophical concepts of essence, bodies, accidents, substance, disputation, and its rational framework of speculative theology--applying themselves assiduously to his seven-point guideline based on madhhab al-salaf, lest they go astray, stumbling into esoteric pathways beyond their threshold of comprehension.
The exoteric is the geographical framework that a given culture does not reach.
Most of this new material should be familiar to Caravaggio scholars, and the scope of the book is undoubtedly exoteric.
The campiness of football is not necessarily inherent to the game itself though, but rather develops out of an exoteric perspective in which the hyper-masculinity of the players is always on the cusp of degenerating into effeminacy and a lack of toughness.
Liver is an important organ, which takes part in the metabolism of protein, fatty acid and energy, as well as to be easy influenced by the exoteric impact.
used to reading (and hearing and seeing) exoteric depictions of themselves and their province and their way of life.
In an effort to facilitate the reset process at Fort Stewart, the 3d Sustainment Brigade put forth an exoteric concept to "bundle" redeploying units by fiscal-year quarter.
The Neo-Platonists accepted them as uncontaminated Platonism, while others distinguished between the exoteric and esoteric side of Aristotelianism.
Again, strangeness of the defamiliarizing sort severly transgresses the bounds of oral inflection via a deliberate extrication from the exoteric and the shared.
A child's exoteric quietness does not mean that he or she enjoys perfect mental health.
This foundation of esoteric Buddhism, allegedly entrusted to Kashyapa, then seems to have taken a radically different course from the prevailing, basically "mirror-polishing" exoteric teaching.
Scott Mason's work in the Community Education Gallery appears to justify its title, Exoteric, Esoteric, Meoteric.
It seems clear that one reason for couching advanced teachings in secrecy is to ensure proper and controlled oral transmission of the esoteric (inner) and exoteric (outer) techniques for awakening kundalini (HYP 3:1) since, according to the Hathayogapradipika, it is the basis of all tantra and hafha yoga knowledge.