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a benign outgrowth from a bone (usually covered with cartilage)

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A sample of her DNA was sent off to doctors at the Free University Brussels, Belgium, where medics were able to isolate the mutation which caused hereditary multiple exostosis.
He presented to his local orthopaedic department where repeated radiographs (Figure 1) illustrated decreased cortical definition of the exostosis arising from the medial femoral metaphysis 15cm above the knee joint.
Lenny, who has a rare lung condition, and hereditary multiple exostosis sufferer Ceitdh also watched an exclusive Nelly Furtado set ahead of today's concert.
Chondrosarcoma is a primary malignant tumor derived from cartilage cells, which arise de novo, or as secondary chondrosarcoma due to malignant transformation of an exostosis or enchondroma.
NAn exostosis is a bone growth that is abnormal or different from the underlying architecture of the bone
Tracy, of Ingleby Close, Whale Hill, Eston, has had exostosis since birth.
The studies showed relationships between organochlorines and exostosis, periodontitis, loss of alveolar bone structures, osteoporosis, widening of the canine opening, and enlargement of the foramen mentalia.
Chronic oral exposure to large doses of fluoride mottles teeth (an effect known as dental fluorosis), thickens bones, and may also result in exostosis of bones--the creation of abnormal bony projections (a condition known as skeletal fluorosis) (ATSDR, 1993).
However, they occasionally lead to significant symptoms and signs related to a fracture of an exostosis and damage to the adjacent nerves or vessels.
Water-related occupations and diet in two Roman coast communities (Italy, first to third century AD): correlation between stable carbon and nitrogen isotope values and auricular exostosis prevalence.
Bizarre parosteal osteochondromatous proliferation is a rare benign condition of locally aggressive and often recurrent osteochondromatous exostosis arising from the bony cortex.
Exostosis of the first rib may be seen in neonates with brachial plexus palsy.
Yet Ethan suffers from a rare hereditary condition called multiple exostosis which causes painful lumps to grow from his bones and joints - restricting his movements.
We report the case of a man who presented with bilateral hearing impairment thought to be related to ear canal exostosis.