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the outermost atmospheric layer

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So, if the hot-particle-laden solar wind was the culprit in making the exosphere, the Japanese spacecraft SELENE should have seen a noticeable drop in the exosphere ions.
However, scientists have been uncertain about which processes are the main contributors of lunar exosphere ions.
The suggested hallmark of a meteor shower on Mercury is a regular surge of calcium in the exosphere.
com)-- Florida based Exosphere has added to the ever growing list of companies seeking to fund space research and development through sites like indiegogo.
is too full of chemical reactions to be reduced to power and interest; the discourse of the exosphere is too real and too social to boil down to meaning effects.
Beyond the thermosphere is the exosphere, the uppermost layer.
Molecular oxygen ions are then stripped from Dione's exosphere by Saturn's strong magnetosphere.
Travel Business Review-14 June 2010-Freedom Grill Completes Merger with Exosphere Aircraft(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
The wind of charged particles from the sun, as well as micrometeoroids that strike Mercury, lift particles from the surface and inject them into the exosphere and magnetosphere.
The implications of possible cooling of the exosphere by greenhouse gas emissions is discussed.
MESSENGER also recorded spectra of Mercury's surface and thin atmosphere, or exosphere.
which designs and provides innovative products and accessories for the tailgating, camping and outdoor activities markets, reported today that it has completed its merger with Exosphere Aircraft Company (Pink Sheets: EXSA).
However, McDonald singled out Exosphere, who runs in the A$500,00 Group 1 Coolmore Stud Stakes over 1,200 metres, as his best chance on the day.
The radiation breaks the water molecules down, liberating oxygen into the moon's exosphere.
It has been found that exosphere extends to a great distance, probably out to the ring system, which may have implications for the appearance and structure of the Uranian rings.