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the exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs

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In 2011 Equipois blew ErgoExpo attendees away with yet another amazing innovation, the X-Ar[TM] Exoskeletal Arm Support.
High levels of exoskeletal metals are also typical of decapod crustaceans (Paez-Osuna et al.
The company's newest product, the X-Ar[TM] exoskeletal arm support technology was also featured on CNN's "Big I" segment, which highlights "big new ideas and innovations to help with big problems," as well as in the July 2011 issue of Popular Science.
Exoskeletal elements such as scales, tesserae and bony plates of Palaeozoic jawless vertebrates (agnathans) and fishes with jaws (gnathostomes) have been shown to exhibit characteristic morphology, sculpture and microstructure, all of which have been useful for taxonomic identification, systematics and phylogenetic analyses of these fossils (Gross 1967; Karatajute-Talimaa 1978; Marss & Ritchie 1998; Wilson & Caldwell 1998; Wilson & Marss 2004, 2009; Marss et al.
In 1973, a hybrid actuator was described for orthotic systems in which the anatomical joint could be controlled internally by means of FES or externally by means of a hypothetical three-state joint actuator incorporated onto an exoskeletal brace [23].
A single case study: Myoelectrically controlled exoskeletal mobilizer for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients.
It is exoskeletal, has two links and four degrees of freedom, and uses linear elastic elements to balance the effects of gravity in three dimensions.
The zeroG[R] arm, conceived by renowned inventor Garrett Brown, uses patented spring and cam technology within an exoskeletal structure to hold heavy tools and parts while providing adjustable lift control.
In an examination of the exoskeletal microbiota of lobsters in the Gulf of Maine during July and August 2003, N.
designer and manufacturer of the zeroG([R])mechanical arm technology, debuted today the x-Ar[TM], the world's first exoskeletal arm support system for manual tasks, at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando, Florida.
To test for the effect of assistive mobility devices on sensor-fused orientation output, we used the following devices: exoskeletal transtibial prosthesis, endoskeletal transtibial prosthesis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) with aluminum uprights, KAFO with stainless steel uprights, ankle-foot orthosis, Challenger Low Wide walker (Evolution Technologies; Port Coquitlam, Canada), standard walker, Tango wheelchair (OrthoFab; Quebec City, Canada), and GTi wheelchair (Quickie; Phoenix, Arizona).
A surviving black and white picture of an "initial" exoskeletal setup, with electrical tape representing Long's Line, has been added to the illustration.
Most recently, Equipois debuted its x-Ar[TM] technology, the world's first exoskeletal arm support system for manual tasks, at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando, Fla, March 21-24.
Improper nutrition has also previously been associated with exoskeletal abnormalities, specifically epicuticular deformities (Gallager et al.