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(rhetoric) the introductory section of an oration or discourse

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I trembled violently at his exordium, and my father continued-- "I confess, my son, that I have always looked forward to your marriage with our dear Elizabeth as the tie of our domestic comfort and the stay of my declining years.
I confess I was startled, notwithstanding your delicate exordium.
With this exordium, Bella set forth that request of Lizzie's touching secrecy, and delicately spoke of that false accusation and its retraction, and asked might she beg to be informed whether it had any bearing, near or remote, on such request.
For 30 years I've been paid--not well, but about what I deserve--to write, which is my sideways exordium to letting you know that the race to the remainder bin is on with the publication this summer of a retrospective of my work bearing the ominously prolix title Poetry Night at the Ballpark and Other Scenes From an Alternative America: Writings, 1986-2014.
Among the crimes in this area is to examine them would be acting contrary to the provisions of the Official exordium in matters of marriage and divorce and acting contrary to the doctor mentioned in the certificate of marriage.
The authorial voice proclaims in the exordium of the novel that "You discovered, on arriving in Hillbrow, that to be drawn away from Tiragalong also went hand-in-hand with a loss of interest in Hillbrow.
Accordingly, prayer as oratio has "a likeness to worldly rhetorical speech and being in a likeness and proportion to its parts--namely, the exordium, the narration, the petition, the confirmation, the refutation, and lastly the conclusion" (33).
There will, no doubt, be students for whom this is valuable, but the book is not laid out like a textbook and the first third is taken up with a rather longwinded exordium, setting out the case for depoliticising Handel's operas, but not doing a proper literature/historiographical review.
Esposto in una grammatica incerta, il Discorso si articola in una precisa costruzione retorica, composta da un exordium dallo stampo dantesco (l'avvio--"Se in ciascuno e nato il desiderio di sapere"--sembra riprendere il Convivio di Dante), (18) con cui si pone la questione: perche pochi amano il sapere?
66) The passage centers around Bradamante, the principal character in the episode and the exemplar of virtuous love in the exordium to XXVI, who arrives at the Tower in a fit of jealous rage sparked by Ruggiero's constant delays and the seeming confirmation of his infidelity through a garbled report.
As mentioned above, Juan, in the exordium of the eclogue, praises the Duke by comparing him to two legendary figures--Caesar and Hector.
For instance, in the exordium to a 1622 Easter Monday sermon, Donne palpably relishes the paradox of something existing before the beginning: "The first Book of the Bible, begins with the beginning.
6) In particular, see: Derrida, Specters of Marx, Exordium (xvi-xx).
By late antiquity, the rhetorical exordium has been largely outlined by its frequent doubling as an epistle dedicatory, as much as the request of the dedicatee allows the writer to shift responsibility to the requester.