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(rhetoric) the introductory section of an oration or discourse

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Aramis seemed to await a comfortable digestion; D'Artagnan, to be preparing his exordium.
With this exordium, Bella set forth that request of Lizzie's touching secrecy, and delicately spoke of that false accusation and its retraction, and asked might she beg to be informed whether it had any bearing, near or remote, on such request.
While this exordium is in hand--and it takes some time--Mr.
Exordium Networks, has announced that they have been named an Internet TELEPHONY Hosted VoIP Excellence Award winner for 2017, the company said.
Also, EXOrDIUM in Manila is finally happening this month, and we have a surprise for EXO-Ls, so stay tuned!
Everything turned quiet, and after a sweeping exordium, and as a calculated divagation, the author went through the human knowledges; but clad in such seduction, but irradiating such novelty, but bedizened in such logical language, so uplifted with vivid color, that we treaded from surprise to surprise, as if we were in an excursion to the infinite through paths seeded with flowers .
The essay, which is a more spontaneous form than the classical rhetorical speech, can be organized into four partes orationis: exordium or introduction, narratiolexpositio or narration/exposition, argumentatio or argumentation, and epilogue (Barthes 66).
53) summarizes it as two parts that intrinsically organize a document: an internal one, called "text" that "constitutes the body of the document and contains the fact registered"; and an exterior part, the "protocol", formed by a exordium (opening), also called "protocol", and a peroration (conclusion), the "eschatocol".
In the De eruditione praedicatorum, Humbert of Romans explains that preachers can use the exordium of their sermons to call attention to their inexperience or insufficiency in order to gain the sympathy of their listeners.
For 30 years I've been paid--not well, but about what I deserve--to write, which is my sideways exordium to letting you know that the race to the remainder bin is on with the publication this summer of a retrospective of my work bearing the ominously prolix title Poetry Night at the Ballpark and Other Scenes From an Alternative America: Writings, 1986-2014.
Las razones, que en la narratio empezaban a decir lo que las emociones patentizaban en el exordium, adquieren forma argumentativa, de demostracion intelectual, en la argumentatio, reuniendose los datos (probatio) que prueban la historia.
In order to approach our age and confirm the exordium, I will remind the reader that in the Introduction to Metaphysics Martin Heidegger explicitly refers to mythology as the most appropriate way of engaging with a primal history, and an originary pretheoretical science, also called "prisca sapientia".
Among the crimes in this area is to examine them would be acting contrary to the provisions of the Official exordium in matters of marriage and divorce and acting contrary to the doctor mentioned in the certificate of marriage.
exordium, expositio, inscriptio Normas para redactar documentos que no son oficiales.