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Synonyms for exorcism

driving out

Synonyms for exorcism

freeing from evil spirits

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However, our patient leaves the hospital and goes to live at the toby, where he is surrounded by a supportive and encouraging community, takes part in the services of healing and exorcism, and, as Pastor Andrian said, "God heals him.
This discourse focused on the biblical references to possession and exorcism, pitting Gassner's defenders against "neologists" like the Lutheran theologian Johann Salomo Semler, who denied that the Bible referred to a physical possession and that Christ was using linguistic idiom of his day when he referred to demons.
In a nutshell: German import takes real exorcism story and turns it into an ambiguous, unnerving psychological portrait of a young girl coming to grips with her purpose in life.
Kallendorf focuses on genre as a key to the representation of exorcism in early modern literature.
Exorcism of Emily Rose (15) Courtroom drama after fatal exorcism.
Both she and her parents believed she was possessed by demons and eventually two priests were given permission by their bishop to perform the exorcism rite.
The programme gave the impression that an exorcism was a simple thing that could be performed in front of an audience and that everything would be timed and according to a script.
However Blatty points out that proof of demons also implies proof of angels, and perversely the depiction of an exorcism can be an aid to religious faith.
The author discusses a lengthy catalogue of early modern Spanish and English literary works (works, that is, from both a Roman Catholic and a Protestant culture) that incorporate demonology and argues that the authors of those works still viewed demons as real beings, possession as a real phenomenon, and exorcism as a legitimate and efficacious cure.
Titled "You're Still Under 30" (it opened just before Dermody crossed the threshold), the project functioned as part exorcism, part self-portrait, part arcane Irish wake, and part chastened declaration of independence.
Cuneo, of Fordham University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology, presents a thoroughly researched study of the rise in interest in exorcism and deliverance in popular culture during the past 30 years in the United States.
On Tuesday, the Bishop of Oxford performed an exorcism on the ground of Oxford United in an attempt to revive the club's fortunes and improve results.
attributes contemporary interest in exorcism partly to popular
One of its more interesting aspects is Lemke's successful paralleling of Picasso's famous statement that the masks he saw at the Trocadero were "magic things" and his Demoiselles "my first exorcism painting" with the idea that white participation in Harlem's jazz clubs was a kind of exorcism of a Puritan past, another kind of renewal.
However, the Vatican in 1999 released revised exorcism procedures, believing the danger is real and current.