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Synonyms for exorcise


Synonyms for exorcise

expel through adjuration or prayers

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is a portrait of reparation between father and son as he bravely confronts those primal scenes by exorcising them: He now plays Daddy in his movie, thirty years later.
And it ended speculation over Pele who is now on his way to exorcising the demons that threatened to finish him at Pittodrie.
These are among some of the dishonorable names that move through Ariel Dorfman's book Exorcising Terror.
We feel that to work against the hatred, we are exorcising our need for revenge,'' he said.
But unlike the '80s and '90s, managed care will not be able to drive down costs through exorcising excessive and inappropriate care-that cost impact technology is fairly well implemented and exhausted.
Interestingly, Berlin is currently in the throes of exorcising World War Il demons.