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Synonyms for exorcise


Synonyms for exorcise

expel through adjuration or prayers

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That was a real exorcism and what is more, the boy the pope exorcised came to me today," Amorth said in a radio interview quoted in La Stampa daily's Vatican Insider insert.
Clermont out-half Brock James (above) exorcised his own Heineken Cup demons with 17 points after coming on as a third-minute replacement.
I had this vision for Roman for him to be sort of exorcised," Us Magazine quoted her as saying on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday.
We are convinced that a solution may be for the stadium to be exorcised by a medium as we feel it is jinxed.
MANUEL ALMUNIA claims Arsenal have exorcised their defensive demons as the Gunners look to force themselves back into contention with victory over Bolton in the first Premier League game of 2009 tomorrow.
Do you feel now like you've exorcised any remaining demons you have form that time in your life?
Ninety minutes earlier in a packed house, the ghost of former bassist Nick Oliveri was well and truly exorcised within the first song, SickSickSick.
As he exorcised the beefy spirit, thought to be the ghost of a frightening farmer who had lived in the area, the beast grew smaller and smaller.
The Bruins already exorcised their Washington State demons during a trip to Martin Stadium earlier this month, and next on the list is the surprising Cardinal today at Stanford Stadium.
IN Christopher Lee's third outing as Dracula, the vampire is revived from an icy tomb and, discovering his castle has been exorcised, sets out to take revenge on the clergyman who carried out the rites.
IAIN DOWIE takes Crystal Palace to Birmingham insisting the Eagles have exorcised the ghost of former manager Steve Bruce.
For Nash, a Hebrew Bible and language teacher, these disorienting maps reveal the extent to which Africa has been exorcised from the biblical story.
Seven years after being demolished inside a round by Lewis, Golota appeared to have exorcised those ghosts when outworking Byrd for two thirds of their contest.
The Gospels report that he changed water into wine; cured the blind, deaf, and lame; exorcised demons from people; fed thousands with only a few loaves of bread and fishes; and raised three people from the dead.