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Synonyms for exorcise


Synonyms for exorcise

expel through adjuration or prayers

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Currently, the MV-22 is undergoing a new round of flight tests to exorcise the demons lurking in unexplored regions of its unique flight envelope.
A wired, kinetic improvisation, the quasi-autobiographical movie shows Jutra racing around Montreal, trying to exorcise his demons and stabilize his identity.
After magicians and lamas failed to exorcise the wrathful spirit, the leaders of the Gulag sect asked the spirit to become a protector.
We over and over convince ourselves that installing some simple, fair process will exorcise the demon and return the country to its natural, conflict-free, everybody-wins condition.
A scarred man must retell the horrors he's witnessed to exorcise his demons.
1 status and exorcise the ghost of run-chases past.
GORDON SMITH wants Scotland's next World Cup qualifier to take place in Amsterdam so we can exorcise the demons of our last visit.
Now Almunia is ready to exorcise Lehmann's ghost, and he added: "People joke about me and Jens, but I respect him so much because he was so important for the club.
BOXING: Antonio Tarver hopes to exorcise the ghosts of his "worst ever day in boxing" by beating England's IBF light-heavyweight world champion Clinton Woods and set up a Bernard Hopkins rematch.
He also thinks the chance of Britney - currently in a US psychiatric ward - meeting Britney the horse at the Longhouse Stud in Tipperary could give the pop star the chance she needs to exorcise her demons.
It is time for Islam to denounce this evil growing in its midst and for Middle Eastern powers to name and exorcise the perpetrators so the world may see them punished and make reoffending impossible.
JIMMY WHITE goes to Sheffield this weekend believing he can exorcise the nightmares of six World Championship final defeats.
Laura rails against "the psychology articles and experts working feverishly to exorcise the world of guilt," because guilt is "a good emotional sign that something is wrong.
GLENN Hoddle saluted golden oldies Les Ferdinand and Gustavo Poyet after their goals enabled Tottenham to exorcise the ghost of the 1987 final defeat with a 2-0 win at Coventry in the third round of the FA Cup.
Then mild-mannered Jones became Amiri Baraka, a black-caped poet/superhero, writing no longer to exorcise his personal (and by extension, our) demons, but to change the world.