exophthalmic goiter

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Synonyms for exophthalmic goiter

exophthalmos occurring in association with goiter

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The effect of varying quantities of inorganic iodide (carrier) on the urinary excretion and thyroidal accumulation of radioiodine in exophthalmic goiter.
The relation of the sympathetic nervous system and generalized lymphoid hyperplasia to the pathogenesis of exophthalmic goiter and chronic lymphatic leukemia.
The effect of Lugol's solution on chronic lymphatic leukemia and its bearing upon the pathogenesis of exophthalmic goiter.
Since Graves' disease represents up to 90% of hyperthyroidism, (52) we will limit our discussion to Graves' disease, called by different names in different publications: exophthalmic goiter or goitre, hyperthyroidism, and toxic goiter.
She was suffering from subacute exophthalmic goiter .
Results of administering iodine to patients having exophthalmic goiter.