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providing absolution

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False data might be introduced into an agency's records-keeping system: fake exonerative information, misleading clues and false trails pointing suspicion onto competitors and away from confederates, are potential passive intrusions.
Similarly reasonable scientists may in some instances disagree on whether the absence of an association is is exonerative of the agent or is merely inconclusive.
I]n Australia, the exonerative effect of the "notice" provision is very great and [.
The Kugle Law Firm repeatedly tried to hide Persing's exonerative photographs from DaimlerChrysler -- which presented irrefutable proof that the Neon had been tampered with -- and defied two separate court orders to produce the Persing evidence.
But this possibility is ruled out because Appiah's historical framework gives Shakespeare an exonerative blank check by effectively making race a historical nonissue in the early modern period.