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Synonyms for exoneration

Synonyms for exoneration

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

Synonyms for exoneration

the condition of being relieved from blame or obligation

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the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.

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Greg Abbott signed a bill in June creating the commission, which is charged for one year with studying exonerations since Jan.
The so- called letter by Gurmeet Ram Rahim that has been made the basis for his exoneration is nothing but a sham.
This early into the program, we've been able to retain drivers on multiple occasions because of exonerations made possible by the DriveCam Program.
54) Their efforts coincided with emerging media interest in women's exoneration cases, motivated in part by concern over the integrity of so-called shaken baby syndrome (SBS) convictions.
He based that number on extending the exoneration rate of a small subgroup of inmates (capital cases) to the wider American prison population, which the study described as a "silly" claim.
the four leading exoneration states for which criminal history data is
An exoneration means a person is found innocent based on evidence not presented at his or her trial.
Her wrongful conviction and exoneration, then, are tainted in discussions of the case by her false confession and its consequences, despite demonstrating many of the known vulnerabilities to false confession: she was underage when the confession first took place, was intellectually disabled, and was convicted of perjury for recanting her confession.
Ray Crone spent ten years in prison in Arizona and nearly three years on death row before his exoneration.
These exoneration studies have produced a rich dataset from which several factors that contribute to wrongful convictions have been identified.
This first-person narrative autobiography of prominent defense attorney Richard Jaffe provides gripping details of his experiences as the lawyer for numerous accused murderers and explores his work in the exoneration of several prisoners wrongfully convicted.
A report on the registry's findings notes that it doesn't include most low-level exoneration cases and cannot estimate the total number of false convictions, suggesting that many more innocent persons have been convicted and may still be in prison.
Mumbai, Apr 25 ( ANI ): Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on Wednesday said he was delighted over his exoneration in the Bofors Gun case, but added that his family lived with humiliation for the past 25 years.
A year earlier, new evidence--or reexaminations of old evidence--had led to the exoneration of 13 people on the state's death row.
If there is any consolation at least he lived to see the total exoneration of his son.