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derived or originating externally

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In this study, the influence of exogenously applied sex steroids on vegetative development in cucumber cultured in vitro was observed.
Results of this study showed that exogenously applied MLE, as seed priming and/or foliar application, improved seedling growth, had an earlier phenological development and delayed leaf senescence with extended photosynthetic active duration.
Moreover, it has been reported that exogenously applied low doses of ceramide enhance the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine, leading to early senescence (Modark et al.
The CG model does not directly link asset volatility [sigma] to equity value E since leverage is exogenously given.
A number of studies suggest that whether given exogenously or produced endogenously H2S molecule attenuates ischaemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury.
Observations over the past decade have demonstrated that exogenously introduced non-coding RNAs can transcriptionally modulate gene expression in human cells by recruiting silent state epigenetic marks to target loci.
t}, are set exogenously, and intended to capture potentially time varying shocks to the economy.
Wagner, Hulsey, Fanning, Ebeling, and Hollis (2006) compared the serum of infants of lactating patients who supplemented themselves with vitamin D to infants who were both exogenously supplemented with vitamin D and also ingested human milk from supplemented patients.
In fact, in many instances they are set exogenously to the firm, at national or industrial levels.
The key novel insight is that the ZLB causes monetary policy to be set at least in part exogenously.
With probability [sigma](1 - [lambda]), the worker gets exogenously relocated to the leisure island and is not able to come back.
Multiphoton microscopy is a nonlinear optical imaging technique that generates en face microscopic resolution images by exciting fluorescence emission from intrinsic fluorophores within tissues or exogenously applied fluorophores.
1](0) > 0 is agricultural output per unit of land at time 0 which is exogenously given, and [N.
serum, saliva, urine, and DBS), some of these fluids are not appropriate for measuring levels of exogenously delivered steroid hormones, especially those delivered by oral or topical route of administration.