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derived or originating externally

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When either the probability of being exogenously relocated to the leisure island [sigma] or the probability of being exogenously relocated to the production island [lambda] goes up, the LHS of equation 4 is not affected but the RHS of that equation shifts up.
157) The role of exogenously "given" preferences is also evident in third sector's reference to inframarginality, in which each donor has a pre-determined tipping point at which she is willing to pay for a specific quantity of public goods.
In this mini-review, summarized in Figure 1, I will briefly discuss why some body fluids are not appropriate for testing exogenously delivered hormones, with a focus on the types of tests used and the potential problems following oral steroid administration.
In the first we positively shock the path of the UK policy rate, moving it exogenously from the path implied by market rates in January 2013 to that in August 2014.
The substances on human fingerprints can arise endogenously from the sweat glands within the skin surface of a finger or exogenously from foreign materials like cosmetics, perfumes, food residues, and substances from other glands.
In the first theory, agents observe the state of the world with exogenously imposed noise; we refer to this environment as the signal extraction (SE) model.
Since 1970s, the Hizmet movement, a social movement inspired by a well-respected Turkish-Islamic scholar, Fethullah GE-len, has emerged as a strong representative of the traditional and domestic Islamic approach and against the exogenously inspired political Islamist movements.
If the exogenous variables in the perturbation run are set at the same values that they had either endogenously or exogenously in the baseline, then the perturbation run produces the same results as the baseline.
These researchers take future demographic changes, labor income, and interest rates as exogenously given.
In the analysis used in this paper, technological progress, regarded as a proxy for innovation, is exogenously determined.
This methodology has no equilibrium concept, takes all prices as exogenously given, and does not take the general equilibrium effect into consideration.
Whatever happens exogenously has no effect on US political outcomes because it cannot be tied to any US policy.
Blood doping among athletes is undertaken to illegally and exogenously increase Hb and Hct values to elevate the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to increase the oxygen supply to muscle tissue and improved physical performance in sport (7).
Timothy Coville investigates the impact of the exogenously compelled increased use of independent directors, segmented in the following subgroups:
When he gave the pinealectomized rats melatonin exogenously, cell migration occurred once again.