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derived or originating externally

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Table 1: Factors, influencing management of labor potential of the executive power state body Level of influence Groups of factors Scientific and technical Exogenic International International and interstate programs of innovation development State State scientific and technical policy Regional Regional scientific and technical policy Endogenic State body Introduction of progressive equipment and technologies Level of influence Social and economic Exogenic International Demographic situation.
Beatrice Aebi-Magee has released a book detailing her new psychological theory about the Endogenic and Exogenic states of mind.
Being in the Exogenic state means you are using memories, knowledge, and experience to form opinions, analyze data, meet expectations, focus on goals, follow directions, or anticipate results.
The problem with Exogenic dominance in business, explains Dr.
Endogenic and Exogenic are not behaviors -- they are two different states of mind that everyone switches between constantly throughout the day.
The most creative and innovative individuals in business (those with well-developed Endogenic states) are usually surrounded and supervised by overly Exogenic leaders.
His main research interests focus on human impacts on the exogenic geochemical cycles of potentially toxic trace elements.
Clinically manifest PCT usually is provoked by exogenic factors, including alcohol, estrogens, viral hepatitis infections, HIV, and iron (1).
13) His 'mercantile model' suggests an exogenic system, whereby cities grow in relation to their long-distance ties as well as their particular linkages with surrounding hinterlands.
Therewith for a new product the forecasting values of the demand are set by the marketing department within the framework of the developed strategies for market development, and represent the exogenic parameters of modeling.
Land use change from forest to arable land causes a decrease in the exogenic SOC stocks and homogenization of SOC concentration (Rosell & Galantini, 1998; Pulleman et al.
In agricultural land, organic matter (organic carbon) content can be replenished by increasing plant diversity and stimulating plant biomass growth (with increasing plant residue amount) or by enriching the soil with exogenic organic matter (e.
Alcohol consumption, smoking, exposure to X- and gamma-rays appear to be the most frequent exogenic risk factors for the development of cancer (Seitz et al.