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The BONES studies will compare the incidence of fracture nonunions in patients utilizing EXOGEN with patients from a national health insurance claims database who received standard of care alone.
US-based orthobiologics company Bioventus will commission a series of real-world evidence, direct-to-patient studies to further validate the ability of its Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing System to mitigate the risk of a fracture progressing to nonunion in the presence of known risk factors, the company said.
Then I'd go back home and use this Exogen machine that creates the new bone cells quicker.
Weighted regression was used to test the hypothesis and the effects of latent variables exogen of endogenous latent variables.
A ray of hope finally came in November, when Tim was given an EXOGEN device which attaches to the arm and uses ultrasound to make the bone grow and heal naturally.
On the other hand, this process has been observed to be reversed when exogen cholesterol was added.
WHAT'S NEW: The ExoGen bio-electric treatment system produces close to pipeline-quality biogas during the wastewater treatment process, potentially helping wineries save on water and energy costs and become more sustainable.
I might need to get pins, but my doctor gave me an Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing System, so if that works, no pins.
The studys show " ghinok" free fish isn't sensitive to exogen hormones in hatch time.
Complex purchasing decision become to draw to be studied farther because in its process entangle the more input, exogen and endogen variable.
The Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing System is a battery-powered device roughly the size of a mobile phone that emits low intensity soundwaves through the skin to the fracture.
Proliferation of somatic embryos of Nothofagus alpina: effect of an exogen source of organic nitrogen