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marriage to a person belonging to a tribe or group other than your own as required by custom or law

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Landed groups of this kind generally have characteristics that are rooted in, if hardly identical to, past practice --for example, descent group exogamy, expansive recognition of collateral relatives, distinctive classificatory use of kin terms, and gendered authority exercised by respected family elders (Sutton 2003:226-227).
26) In favoring endogamy over exogamy, the works thus far discussed by critics conform to ingrained expectations about ethnic literature--namely, that ethnic literature would detail the process of Americanization, exploring the allure of, and obstacles to, assimilation while ultimately expressing regret about the loss of cultural heritage.
In our approach, there are two advantages of exogamy.
10) In Jewish American art, numerous ambivalent depictions of exogamy (often, but not always, embodied through the figure of the shiksa) give voice to Jewish American anxiety about intermarriage.
She then presents data exploring language shift from Italian to English by Italian migrants in Australia, pointing out that region, generation, age, exogamy, and gender all affect the shift.
According to the same survey, French-Turks are very endogamic (endogamy is marriage within the group, while exogamy is the marriage of two people from two identity groups).
The commonalities between Flaiano's novel and the account from Numbers are many, including the reiteration of the name Miriam/ Mariam as well as a textual interrogation of the cultural taboos against exogamy.
The convention is confirmed, as exogamy on a grand scale finally overcomes even Solomon's resolve.
The authors proposed that one possible reason for this discrepancy is the higher rate of racial exogamy among Filipino women.
Table 01: Inbreeding rate (Generation of index cases and generation of their parents) Generation Endogamy % Exogamy % Total GSC 61,25 38,75 100 GHP 98,67 1,33 100 GWP 92,21 7,79 100 Table 02: Comparison of inbreeding rates ([N.
This so resonates with my more feebly expressed conviction that the bride in traditional exogamy is the originary diasporic, redefining exile, that I rejoice.
Most of these racial shifters have gravitated toward a Cherokee identity, a trend that Sturm attributes to a history of cultural syncretism, high rates of exogamy, and Cherokee tribal enrollment policies, leading to the public perception that most Cherokees appear white.
Exogamy is known to have a dramatic effect on the language spoken at home; for example, a language shift to English among endogamous couples from China is only 17 per cent, but for a China-born person in a relationship with a non-Chinese person, the shift to English as the reported 'home language' is 53 per cent (Clyne 2011, 66).
He said that although Christian groups have not been surveyed with the same dose attention to exogamy across the generations, a 2007 survey showed that among mainline Protestants, only 55 percent are married to someone from their own "denominational family"--for example, a Presbyterian married to a Presbyterian.