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marriage to a person belonging to a tribe or group other than your own as required by custom or law

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This fact, combined with the greater racial exogamy of black men, reduces the odds of marriage for black women.
Table 4 above shows similar levels of exogamy in both groups at 20 and 23 per cent respectively.
From my own observations, the tendency towards exogamy in the Jewish context is often determined by level of observance and commitment to religion.
Due to the rules of exogamy, the different clans exchange women, forming a multilocal network of kin and affine that twists them together in a kind of never-ending social rope.
Both cases reflect that neither Chinese nor Jewish culture, religion, and values encourage exogamy and this is most evident among first-generation immigrants.
163) Laura Tabili, "Outsiders in the Land of Their Birth: Exogamy, Citizenship, and Identity in War and Peace," Journal of British Studies 44 (October 2005): p.
Hence, the successful scenario of female upward mobility is predicated upon a number of her familial, social, and psychological characteristics: she must be a cousin to the son of the adopting family (which marks the transition of the marriage market from exogamy to endogamy); she must be of lower social status (which asserts the interclass relationship at the expense of the same-class one); and, finally, she must be selfless for the purpose of the inculcation of the sense of duty to which the aristocratic generation of the period turned out to be immune.
Cherkaoui stressed notably on the increasing exogamy between the Sahrawis and the rest of the Moroccan population.
Considering the continued racial and religious prejudice that exists in Canada, despite the now socially accepted practice of exogamy and miscegenation, today's reader of Earth and High Heaven might read its conclusion as an "imaginative outlook" as Coleman suggests (168).
This meager figure is not surprising, since exogamy among blacks is extremely low--6 percent for men and 2 percent for women.
That was seventy years ago, before legal reform dismantled the prescription of racial endogamy or, rather the proscription of racial exogamy, eroding the very foundations of racial caste in the United States.
Internal classification is somehow different: Galilei neighbourhood regards itself as a bunch of Hungarian Gypsies, "magyar cigany", meaning here the possession of a good command of Hungarian and Romanian language and sometimes their inclination for exogamy with Hungarians, Romanians and even foreigners (and possibly a reference to their Romungro origin).
The Other in the Mirror: Iranians and Jews View One Another: Questions of Identity, Conversion and Exogamy in the Fifth-Century Iranian Empire, Part One" Bulletin of the Asia Institute 19 (2005): 15-26.
Marriages within the gotra are banned in Hindus under the rule of exogamy or outbreeding in the traditional matrimonial system.
After a bit of social history as well as a tight analysis of several novels, she draws a somewhat surprising conclusion regarding the difference in tolerance for exogamy vs.