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Synonyms for exogamous

characterized by or fit for fertilization by a flower that is not closely related

pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe

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Thus she is not passed, exogamously, from one patriarchal household to another; it is her husband who must travel to her universe if the marriage plot is to be resolved.
For Asian-American women who marry exogamously, the ability to court and marry men in the US who have light skin is regarded as an invaluable asset in their quest for assimilation (Hall, forthcoming).
Asians who marry exogamously - persons of Asian descent who exchange wedding vows with a non-Asian partner - do so in the midst of unprecedented social change.
Not surprisingly, both Flip and Tom married exogamously and today sustain the Yasui family legacy in virtually all-white Hood River as "apolitical, solitary and single-minded" (296) farmers.
Specifically it refers to being endogamously or exogamously married with respect to ethnic or cultural origin.
Overall, husbands tend to marry exogamously to a slightly greater extent than wives, the native-born tend to exhibit higher rates of ethnic exogamy than their foreign-born counterparts, and the Prairie CMAs have higher rates of ethnic endogamy compared to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.