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Synonyms for exogamous

characterized by or fit for fertilization by a flower that is not closely related

pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe

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Among British Protestants a little over half of all exogamous marriages are cross-religion.
The Nuba are an exogamous society -- that is, marriage within the clan is being forbidden.
Two major clans, (what cultural anthropologists commonly term "moieties")--Ravens and Eagles--frame social structure generally, and regulate exogamous marriage patterns.
Also note that, as implied by the assortative matching mechanism, the difference in average years of schooling between husband and wife is greater in endogamous couples than in exogamous couples.
This conservative approach to evaluating interventions in Indian country has ensured that exogamous treatments--usually proffered with locally salient cultural packaging--have received scientific attention while truly indigenous alternatives have not (Gone 201 la).
During all of these troubled times Indonesian unity was affirmed in its endogamous Javanese-Hindu past and not in the exogamous Islamic umma.
94) This study provides an explanation of how exogamous unions began to crumble the tenuous socio-racial barriers created by Spanish categories of difference.
14) From a Marxist perspective, Eileen Cleere views the endogamous marriage as an economic strategy which utilizes Fanny as a domestic commodity "invested with both exogamous and endogamous sexual value [that] can be exchanged and retained simultaneously.
The range of marriage practices witnessed in the Old Testament is wide: parentally arranged and self-initiated, endogamous and exogamous, monogamous and polygamous, as well as levirate marriage.
This paper investigates the retention of Polish language and culture by first generation Polish migrants from the 1980s and their second generation offspring (aged 15-24) from endogamous and exogamous marriages.
It is inconsequential, in such cases, whether communities are exogamous or endogamous, whether for reasons of custom they allow marriages within the same gotra ( lineage) or not.
Horizontally, society is divided into patrilineal clans that are mutually dependent because of the strict rule of exogamous marriages.
For a discussion of racial castes and exogamous rules, see Kingsley Davis, Intermarriage in Caste Societies, 43 AM.
Future studies should consider the implications of unwanted fertility for women of different union statuses and those in exogamous couples, to address all women's needs and the potential multiple combinations of gender and ethnicity.
If these relationships are arranged in an order of increasing magnitude, that is, from the smallest unit to the largest, the resultant series would roughly resemble the following: (1) individual family, (2) a small group or related families of the kula or khandan type, (3) larger associations of relatives (for example, thok or biradari), (4) higher exogamous units (for example, gotra or got), (5) an amalgamation of several units into an endogamous "marriage network," (6) endogamous subcaste, and (7) the caste proper.