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Synonyms for exogamous

characterized by or fit for fertilization by a flower that is not closely related

pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe

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In our framework, exogamous households are more mobile and better able to exploit differences in production opportunities across communities through migration.
Philip Roth mines it in Portnoy's Complaint and American Pastoral, Woody Allen explores it in Hannah and Her Sisters and his short story "Retribution," and the contemporary YidLife Craw juxtaposes incest and interracial exogamous desire in the first two episodes of their webseries.
Among British Protestants a little over half of all exogamous marriages are cross-religion.
Categorizing people as exogamous or endogamous obscures they ways in which Jews are fundamentally American.
The De Laceys fit the model of a heteronormative family--although they take in Safie, a racially other-ed outsider, her pairing with Felix ensures that she enters the family through an exogamous exchange that preserves the patriarchal system.
Mohican social organization consisted of three matriarchal clans; Bear, Wolf, and Turtle, with marriage strictly exogamous (outside one's own clan).
In addition to these sociolinguistic determinants, the loss of Italian or dialect hinged on a combination of other factors: discrimination, pressure to assimilate, exogamous marriages, lack of institutional support (Carnevale, 2009) and ideologies of language purveying their heritage language as having low prestige and utility on the US linguistic marketplace (Bourdieu, 2002).
An implication of a shift to English as the home language is that a person in such an exogamous relationship tends to have a significant level of communicative fluency in English.
Since the 1960s, the force of these practices has lessened, and, as a result of social change, society now accepts exogamous marriages based on the concepts of love and mutual attraction (Grace, 2004).
Persuasion, of course, famously abandons the estate culture Mansfield Park works so hard to rescue and redeem, and the marriage of Anne, a baronet's daughter, to a naval officer, the most exogamous of Austen's central matches, represents the opposite extreme to Fanny's endogamous marriage to her cousin and foster brother.
Exogamous womenfolk have not only adopted the bindi as part of their apparel, but have also included Indian and Indo-Caribbean fashion in their wardrobes, popularizing not only their garbs, but also bringing attention to more serious matters females face globally: domestic violence, gender inequality and human rights violations.
Due to the matrifocial exogamous marriage patterns found throughout much of rural Thailand, men have traditionally needed to travel beyond village environs in order to find a suitable marriage partner whose family these men will marry into.
The differences between these two communities persisted (in 1900, for example) but gradually cohabitation and exogamous marriages became more common in Saint Denis, and the average age of brides rose to become similar to that of the Parisian working class overall.
Drawing on nineteenth-century anthropologists such as John Ferguson McLennan, particularly the latter's theory of endogamy and exogamy, Michie shows how the heiress complicates the model of heterosexual exchange since she cannot enter into an exogamous marriage in which her wealth exits the group/family but must remain within an endogamous union.
for those descended from exogamous marriages than those from endogamous ones" (2003: 28).