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Synonyms for exotropia

strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward

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Individual surgical dosage for eso- and exodeviations Deviation Esotropia Number Exotropia Number (PD) (MR Rc/LR of (LR Rc/MR of Rs) (mm) patients Rs) (mm) patients 20 PD -- -- 5/4 1 25 PD 4/5.
A 5-year-old male child presented with an exodeviation of the affected eye which was of recent onset.
The clinical findings, exodeviation types, surgical ages, operation types, preoperative and postoperative deviation amounts, presence of anisometropia and amblyopia, presence of A- or V-pattern, and presence of binocular vision and stereoacuity of patients were evaluated.
The cover test revealed a marked exodeviation with right hypodeviation.