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not fulfilling the same grammatical role of any of its constituents

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According to Ralli (1994, 2000a), while adjectives generally share the inflectional patterns of nouns, two additional inflection classes, IC9 and IC10, characterize adjectives of "learned," Ancient Greek origin, (iva), and certain adjectival exocentric compounds, (ivb):
which where treated as headed, as against exocentric ones, which were not.
The congregation also is called to practice exocentric living, open not only to the world but ultimately to God, the One to whom the world belongs.
Thus, for example, Nunez Cedeno (1991) considers compounds of the type caderiancho 'of wide hips', literally 'hip-wide' as exocentric, arguing that the whole compound stands in a non-head relation to the individual to whom the quality of having wide hips is ascribed.
2) In other words, exocentric compounds, where neither constituent acts as a head, are excluded (e.
Qualitative predication is the basis for the traditional definition of the sentence as a relation between subject and predicate, which is an exocentric construction.
Here the poet has decomposed two common exocentric compounds associated with the idea of dying from old age, living long (AV jaramrtyu- 'having death from old age, whose death is in old age', RV and AV dirghayus- 'having long life') and converted them into endocentric expressions.
When a sketch of the conventional topographic map was requested, the same features were represented in exocentric view (Figure 4).
Moreover, when using conventional 2D maps, the drawings assume an exocentric viewpoint, and representations are grouped by area and not by individual symbols (Figure 4).
1973) Differential effects of central versus peripheral vision on egocentric and exocentric motion perception.
In the case of exocentric or 'headless' constructions, however, the compound is not a hyponym of the head element.