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not fulfilling the same grammatical role of any of its constituents

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Whereas the conversion and affixation of adverbs project endocentric constructions, compound adverbs occur in endocentric and exocentric constructions.
In other words, Dik's endocentric conception of term structure is replaced by an EXOCENTRIC alternative in which the layer variable does no longer occur as an argument in the restrictor.
Da Silva compared the accuracy in exocentric distance estimates and examined the structure of visual space in three environments: near frontoparallel plane, a small virtual space, and a large three-dimensional outdoor open field.
Abstract: The first five years of exile of the Sonoran revolutionary Jose Maria Maytorena Tapia are analyzed according to the perspective of egocentric and exocentric networks formation, focusing on financial resources and information exchange.
1998) designed a 2-D exocentric visual cue in the form of an arrow always presented in the participants' line of sight.
Attenuation of alignment effect with exocentric encoding of location.
2) In other words, exocentric compounds, where neither constituent acts as a head, are excluded (e.
In light of the fact that humans have knowledge of this exocentric destiny, we are held responsible for our nonidentity, that is, our sin.
Of course, there are now recognized Peninsular autonomies, with strong exocentric forces working to create a non-Spanish literature.
Against the common view of cannibalism as an exocentric, symbolic practice, Bill asserts that Fijian cannibalism is neither the result of vengeance or of necessity but that the islanders do it "not for spite but for pleasure": it is no more no less than a perverse taste for human flesh.
which where treated as headed, as against exocentric ones, which were not.
are unlikely to be explained through the morphology of name-giving alone, devoid of context, since nicknames are often exocentric as well as eccentric.
In Ancient Greek and Latin compounds -mostly, exocentric ('bahuvrihi') compoundswere often formed with an -i- : argipus [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Compounds may be endocentric or exocentric (Wardhaugh, 2003; p.