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the branch of biology concerned with the effects of outer space on living organisms and the search for extraterrestrial life

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Exobiology was an academic discipline that flourished briefly during the late 1960s and early 1970s, say Plaxco (chemistry, U.
The discussion of this question in astrophysics, exobiology, paleontology, evolutionary theory, and so on is complex.
However, DeLillo does not make a mundane point about sport being analogous to war: as Alan Zapalac, the exobiology tutor, says, "warfare is warfare.
Data from the mission should provide valuable input for broader studies of exobiology (the study of organisms originating from outside of Earth) as well as the search for life on other planets.
The possibility that these conditions exist on other planets has been investigated within the field of exobiology.
Angelo (physics, Rollins College) describes how scientists explore this question through space technology and astronomy, as well as the principles of exobiology and how they are being used to guide robot spacecraft in the search for life beyond Earth.
This would have profound implications for exobiology (as well as human exploration).
From primordial soup to the prebiotic beach: An interview with exobiology pioneer, Dr.
There are several major fields of space science including astronomy, exobiology, space transport, and space exploration and colonization.
This effort began in 1997 and led to the completion of more than one dozen oral histories, amounting to forty hours of interviews documenting the history of NASA's exobiology program.
Grants from NASA's Exobiology program, the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (grant CO1X0019), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada supported this work.
Mission Modules -- which include Viking Exobiology Experiments, Water in the Solar System and Extraterrestrial Communication--are based on NASA astrobiology missions.
In contrast to the behavioral views of personality, the spectrum of conventional "personality theories" approaches the subject matter as though it were something we can only speculate about, as if we were studying exobiology.