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the branch of biology concerned with the effects of outer space on living organisms and the search for extraterrestrial life

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Alternatively, Air Force space professionals know that the American space program is accountable to all members of future generations, not just those who want to be exobiologists.
Exobiologists such as Lynn Rothschild at NASA have said the red snow alga is the type of organism that could survive the cold and the intense UV radiation that beats down on the Martian surface.
Although there has been and continues to be speculation about inorganic biochemistries, most professional exobiologists (who search for signs of extra-terrestrial life) do not give them a moment's thought.
NASA exobiologists (scientists who look for extraterrestrial life or life on other planets) have ruled out finding life on the surface of Mars.
The idea, so far unfunded, will be discussed Tuesday at the San Juan Institute during a meeting of geologists, planetary scientists and exobiologists considering the potential for life on Europa.