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Exiting status involves thinking about leaving or actually leaving (voluntarily or involuntarily) one's current position.
All these things we've talked about--layouts and other design elements that make it easier for residents to find destinations, alarms, automatic door locks, redirecting residents' attention, making fire-exit doors less conspicuous--can help curtail unwanted exiting.
After exiting the vehicle, the sergeant, in an attempt to make an undercover drug purchase, approached a man who referred him to the suspect.
Executive Director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission, Gary Suhadolnik, in anticipating a successful trial stated that, "drivers who use PayPass at these self-service toll payment machines will no longer need to fumble for cash and coins or even insert a credit card when exiting the Ohio Turnpike.
The major element of the board's scale-back request was for Caltrans to eliminate one of two left-turn lanes for westbound traffic exiting Highway 118 south to Somis Road, also known as Highway 34.
The Venture Capital Collection is the definitive resource for venture capital and the only reference material you will need for understanding, drafting and negotiating deals, securing the appropriate funding, exiting an investment, or whatever your initiative might be.
To me, the concept of the multilane system is that those entering and exiting the freeway use the slow lanes and those traveling further use the fast lanes.
com/reports/c36645) has announced the addition of Executive Reports: Steps for Valuing and Exiting an Energy Company - The Over-Arching Issues You Need to Know to their offering.
NU's Stable Outlook also assumes that the further exit costs from exiting below-market energy contracts will be manageable.
Upon exiting the country, the visitors are asked to verify their identity one-to-one (1:1) against their template stored in the database.
In connection with exiting the airport-to-airport operations, XGS will incur costs related to the shutdown of certain facilities, including employee severance, the write-off of certain intangible assets, and losses related to the disposal and liquidation of certain assets of the airport-to-airport operations.