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derived from experience or the experience of existence


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In the sex act even though two bodies are separate, it is as if they become one existentially.
Whatever the sources of their dedication, it seems existentially admirable and magnificently efficacious.
Not only is it displaying unadulterated viciousness, but it is cementing--rather than existentially threatening--a dysfunctional order.
In recent years, Reo has become a master of the vocoder, her voice on 2013's Olive Juice harmonized until her singing seems to come from an army of existentially despairing dolls.
The film is existentially liberating, rich with Davies' emotional embrace of his family, community, and the experiences that comprise his growing up.
This will not liberate all of Palestine or existentially threaten Israel, but it does seem to have achieved a deterrent balance of power that freezes the status quo on the ground.
And while there are other small ocean nations that remain existentially threatened by the global warming phenomenon, larger nations like Egypt and Bangladesh, though in no position to find themselves entirely under the sea, are highly susceptible to any type of sea level change, and as many as 40 million citizens worldwide could be displaced by 2040.
Although the latter is supposed to shore up some of NT's weaknesses, it continues to maintain NT's central tenet, the premise that tropes are variously existentially interdependent.
We imagine ourselves as children, but often do so by imposing our grownup self into a memory that was experienced by someone smaller, frailer, less intellectually advanced, helpless, and existentially at risk.
Existentially ghosts lie between fact and fiction, between the orbits of believer and nonbeliever, and provide bounteous fodder for storytelling, literature, and film.
Bultmann's approach relied on his concept of demythology, and interpreted the mythological elements in the New Testament existentially.
A LARGE PROPORTION OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION DEPENDS EXISTENTIALLY on the water (and waterpower) of one or more of the globe's major transnational river systems.
Mosher (2001) compared therapeutic outcomes of patients with schizophrenia who were treated with an existentially based growth-oriented treatment with patients treated with conventional psychiatric treatment or medication.
That there is a do-what- is-necessary-to-get-it-done approach that is existentially American and applied to every facet of our society; early combat along the Great Warpath simply reflected (rather than created) such attitudes.
As it will be existentially threatened, the Jewish State will feel obliged to take action.