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a philosopher who emphasizes freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who regards human existence in a hostile universe as unexplainable

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That's how I encountered Sarah Bakewell's At the Existentialist Cafe (2016), an unusually philosophical entry on nonfiction lists that are usually filled with history, popular-science and political titles.
In his article "Existentialism: Remarks on Jean Paul Sartre's L'ETRE ETLE NEANT" he adroitly discusses the reasons for the evolution of the Existentialist theory, thus conveying the idea that though Existentialism has evolved and gained ascendance in an atmosphere of despair, it conveys a strong sense of positivism, in which "reality has the last word"5.
Though I could hardly afford the book, I did not regret the expense, because I had learned from Walter Kaufmann's collection of existentialist extracts, Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre (1956), that Sartre's philosophy was a life-changing guide to an emerging and liberating world.
For existentialists, suffering and death are part of what makes us human and thus must be meaningfully integrated into our lives rather than falsely sought to be eradicated.
Depressed Justine is broadly associated with an existentialist worldview that emphasises anxiety and isolation, and sees the world as a meaningless place where social conventions are blindly followed by the masses.
Also, the existentialist implications of de Beauvoir's arguments are briefly outlined as follows.
She is said to have counted esteemed existentialist writer Franz Kafka among her family friends and, more recently, was the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary about her life.
In honor of the 100th birthday of Albert Camus, the Huffington Post Religion section featured an essay about the Nobel Prize-winning existentialist philosopher and favorite of angsty teens everywhere.
Banks uses this historical event as the platform from which to launch what is, in essence, an existentialist love story, camouflaged by the characteristics that define a Banks novel - immoral behaviour, political rants, diverse tangents of thought and sexual betrayal.
He surveys recent scholarship on the beginnings of the phenomenological theory, existentialist critiques of Husserl's theory, language-analytic accounts and the new empiricism, computer models and functional explanations, criticisms of the analytic-empirical approach, extensions of the phenomenological theory, and a hybrid project that contains the best of both approaches.
Clad in black tights, her slender, weightless figure writhes to the weird moans and rails and rattles of the atonal and a-rhythmic music of an Existentialist combo .
Indeed, if we consider that the historians of Existentialist thought have traced its genealogy to the work of Blaise Pascal in the 17th century, S0ren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche in 19th century and Martin Heidegger in the early 20th century, then we can understand that the liberating skepticism intrinsic in this line of thought is not restricted to the work of Sartre, Camus, Marcel and de Beauvoir post-WWII.
The insatiable gorge; an existentialist view of opiate addiction and its treatment.
Itinerant well-wishers included Muhammad as-Sammak of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Committee who hailed the patriarch for his "co existentialist discourse which sets the good example for all to follow as he said.
Most significantly, Codde argues that"[a]s the French existentialist repertoire moved to the center of the US-American literary system, a number of Jewish-American novelists, following in Bellow's wake, incorporated this repertoire into their novels, and when French existentialism reached the peak of its popularity in US-American culture, the Jewish Renaissance became a fact [p.