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(philosophy) a 20th-century philosophical movement chiefly in Europe

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As an illustration of his perspective and style, Cerf's essay "Logical Positivism and Existentialism" attempts to show that logical positivism, phenomenology, and existentialism can learn from each other and come together in a common dialogue.
Because existentialism seemingly requires advanced cognitive abilities in order to acknowledge and address its ideas, it can be argued that adolescents are too young and have not developed the capacity to do so.
As mentioned above, Wright desired rootlessness, a quality that would draw him to existentialism.
Literary existentialism seems, Meyer argues in chapter 1, to have appealed to Arab novelists probably because of the absurd realities in the Arab world actualized as collateral damage by the collision between Western colonialism and obsolete Arab and Islamic traditionalism.
As a philosophical movement, existentialism pretty much died in 1980 along with its last proponent, Jean-Paul Sartre.
Cronin stresses Beckett's aloofness from politics and literary movements, including "the Dublin literary swim," the theater of the absurd, and Parisian existentialism.
The Beats, drawing heavily on existentialism, Romanticism, and other trains of thought that celebrated authenticity, "sought, and stored reflectively in their writings, experience gained in encounters.
Juvenile and mundane, Clifford is a mess as a piece of drama, the "hero" a comic-pathetic creature who never quite earns our interest and whose shifts are unmotivated (maybe that's where the existentialism comes in).
Acharya contends that Nietzsche's peculiar form of existentialism can be understood only by undertaking an analysis of his characterization of metaphysics.
Anyone who teaches existentialism knows of the lasting importance these figures retain for the university students of today, as well as its relevance to a general readership.
Then the controversial author discussed his numerous critics, his worst reviews, existentialism, nihilism and Jean-Paul Sartre at an event that raised $650,000 for library programs and services.
For every trace of modern Sartrean existentialism in de Kooning's mentality there is also a touch of the venerable wisdom evinced by another native of Rotterdam--Erasmus--who praised the paradoxical, shifting faces of that ancient bitch goddess, Folly.
Analyzing and extending several of Derrida's recent works, Rapaport brings the later Derrida into conversation with cultural studies and existentialism.
Intelligent as they are, there's too much psychobabble about opposing theories of existentialism and the expansion of the universe.
For Weaver, it is not the archive that matters, but ancestry, not existentialism per se, but existence.