existential quantifier

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a logical quantifier of a proposition that asserts the existence of at least one thing for which the proposition is true

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It is pertinent to observe that English presents a different linguistic expression which is also ordinarily rendered as an existential quantifier, but which shows the opposite pattern from some.
In addition, [for all], the universal quantifier, and [there exists], the existential quantifier, can occur in formulas.
We found an explanation of singular existence, "a exists," as "([there exist]x)(x=a)"; but explication in turn of the existential quantifier itself, "there is," "there are," explication of general existence, is a forlorn cause.
However, the relation between these two representations, as well as the relation between the universal and the existential quantifier representation, is not made clear (it seems to me that the two exercises devoted to these issues are not very helpful).
Puntel finds here an alternative to the materialist ontology that analytic philosophers take for granted when translating everyday speech into first-order predicate logic, using an existential quantifier that carries illegitimate ontological baggage: there is no "x" apart from the facts themselves.
Questions of ontological import are considered from a perspective that does not accord existential import to the so-called (though only called so since Frege) Existential Quantifier.
The naive view of existence is as a first order predicate and not as derivative from the so-called existential quantifier.