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a philosopher who emphasizes freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who regards human existence in a hostile universe as unexplainable

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Existential philosophers face this difficulty through their preference for addressing matters that are close to people's lives.
The existential philosopher Nietzsche described the development of individuals as walking on a tight rope over an abyss (e.
The ideas of Eugene Minkowski, a psychiatrist working in France at the beginning of the last century, and Jean-Paul Sartre, a key existential philosopher, together offer important insights into the kinds of experiences we commonly refer to as 'depression', insights that stand in radical contrast to the understandings of the mainstream medical model that are widespread in the western culture of the 21st century.
In my view, the first existential philosopher to discuss technology in these terms was the Russian writer Nicolai Berdyaev (1935, 1939, 1960) and in this part of my presentation I will be borrowing extensively from his work.
Philosophers and other scholars from North America and Europe discuss the show in terms of the meaning of life for millennials, existential philosophers and themes, whether it's possible to reveal spoilers in the show, criticisms of it, whether the character of Adam is heroic, human rights, existentialist ethics, the Seven Deadly Sins, Daoism and Confucianism, clothing choices, the ancient Greek notion of paideia in education, theories of Julia Kristeva, and Freudian analysis.
But aside from introducing each episode (as Remember Me calls its levels) with a quote from existential philosophers, the game doesn't worry too much about it.
Cox (philosophy, U of Birmingham) not only pulls from famous existential philosophers and thinkers but from modern day comedians and musicians in this entertaining and honest guide to living authentically within the framework of existentialist philosophy.
Whether one is sympathetic or not to Rand's Objectivism, the authors collected here explain and exemplify how Objectivism significantly engages with issues in the ethical theories of analytic and existential philosophers, and how the subtleties of Rand's work are worthy of study and explanation.
Badawi is one of the 20th centuryCOs most prominent Arab existential philosophers.
Nietzsche's preoccupation with biology, cosmology, physiology, and other branches of scientific enquiry was obvious enough to early commentators, but when ontological, ethical, and existential philosophers began to claim his work in the middle of the twentieth century, the scientific dimension of his thought was either ignored or openly questioned.
Even Nietzsche, arguably the most nihilistic of existential philosophers, ultimately adopted the ethical position that individuals can and must choose their values and that they can choose the values they want (Warnock, 1970).
Had Bakewell's book been a mere account of the interesting lives of existential philosophers, I would not have cried over it on the Tube, so clearly it is more than this.
She concurs with existential philosophers and psychologists in arguing that one must come to terms with death in order to truly live.
Too many in the industry have come to view the shopper as what existential philosophers call "the other," a person so totally outside one's personal experience of the world that he or she has functionally ceased to exist as a real person, retaining meaning only as an artificial construct.