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a philosopher who emphasizes freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who regards human existence in a hostile universe as unexplainable

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Like all existential philosophers, Marcel would say that "I am, then I think.
JEAN-Paul Sartre, the Existential philosopher, stated: "Hell is other people".
She concurs with existential philosophers and psychologists in arguing that one must come to terms with death in order to truly live.
For the existential philosophers, it seems, the implicit innocence of youth allows closer encounters with the dread of existence, while such encounters remain obscured from or denied by adults.
Badawi is one of the 20th centuryCOs most prominent Arab existential philosophers.
Whether one is sympathetic or not to Rand's Objectivism, the authors collected here explain and exemplify how Objectivism significantly engages with issues in the ethical theories of analytic and existential philosophers, and how the subtleties of Rand's work are worthy of study and explanation.
existential philosophers have deliberately and self-consciously addressed themselves to the human situation as they themselves have been involved in it.
Cox (philosophy, U of Birmingham) not only pulls from famous existential philosophers and thinkers but from modern day comedians and musicians in this entertaining and honest guide to living authentically within the framework of existentialist philosophy.
But aside from introducing each episode (as Remember Me calls its levels) with a quote from existential philosophers, the game doesn't worry too much about it.