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Synonyms for exiguous

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

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extremely scanty

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Ironically, it seems that those who need authentic learning the most are more likely to be supplied with exiguous instructional practices.
First, life on California's central coast in the early 1900s was scarcely documented beyond a decennial census, exiguous voting records, snippets appearing in the Monterey newspapers, and a few recently discovered memoirs.
Behind the often quite funny overkill and casually exiguous plot, it's essentially a fantasy about being a small, picked-on outsider in high school while fancying yourself a secret agent on a mission of revenge.
In consequence, individuals who are well educated and sometimes appreciably cultured in their country of origin operate during their entire adult lifetime at the self-expressive level of a six-year-old, Or they take refuge in the exiguous, mind numbing, limiting social space of their own ghettos, which are always psychologically much impoverished versions of their home societies.
Once a discourse is thus driven by its own momentum into the backwater of the "unreal," exiled from all gregarity, it has no recourse but to become the site, however exiguous, of an affirmation.
Both APSII and APSIII are dextrans, the linkage mode of which is mainly [alpha] (1[right arrow]4) linkages, and in which [alpha](1[right arrow]6)linkages are exiguous.
According to them, much more money could be saved by enlarging the negative list, with regard to exiguous disturbances of health, than would be saved by a positive list.
Artistic independence, verbal prestidigitation, unorthodox speech and linguistic patterns, experimentation, authorial alter egos, the widespread use of obscure allusions, and imaginary, unknown lands of conundrum-laden languages which create an air of verisimilitude, while always keeping the reader at a distance from true reality are only an exiguous number of examples connecting the two writers.
Encouraging public debate was regarded important (Harjuhahto-Madetoja 2004) and one reason for this is that public discussion on issues related to science and technology is exiguous in Finland compared to many European countries.
Some authors grapple with the apparently exiguous evidence that would permit one to answer questions implied by the volume's title.
And this was the more necessary, because, as Gosse bluntly affirmed, "There is, at first sight, so little to be enthusiastic about, the actual out-put is so exiguous, the 'Works'--in comparison with those, let us say, of Tennyson or the Brownings--so like a small aster tied alongside with roses and camellias.
The discussion lists fully the authorities who have proposed the various divergent readings of the exiguous written data, but is largely restricted to francophone authors, so that the numerous important studies of, for example, Ian Wood are almost entirely ignored.
Max's creature comforts were exiguous by contemporary standards and risible by today's.
The somewhat exiguous bibliography in the present book is complemented by that in the earlier.
During the last twenty years I have suffered the somewhat depressing experience of working alongside alternative format librarians fixated on metadata when there has been only exiguous data to classify.