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conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

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extremely scanty

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Chaucer's life appears very well documented in terms of number of records (almost 500); but the information they provide about Chaucer the man is exiguous, and about Chaucer the poet non-existent.
Few people there may have the desire or patience to read local novels, but it is no rarity to hear of impoverished factory workers or simple farm laborers, who live on literally nothing but bread and water, spending the remains of their exiguous wages on a volume of verse.
Neither of those two explanations-both faithfully transmitted in the exiguous coverage of the British election that was mounted in The New York Times and the other guardians-will wash anymore.
This essential weakness is compounded by the disproportionate prominence given to the input of individual women, such as the socialist, Zofia Moraczewska, and to the debate about women's rights and gender roles because, in reality, only a handful of feminist writers and activists were involved and their wider influence was exiguous.
Her exiguous 51-49 percent win over Barack Obama in the May 6 Indiana primary--and blowout 42-56 loss in North Carolina--had the commentariat preparing her obituaries.
We survivors," wrote Primo Levi in his own last book, "are not only an exiguous but also an anomalous minority: we are those who by their prevarications or abilities or good luck did not touch bottom.
Such a prototype would then have to be found among the ample supply in Rome, and not in the exiguous number then in England, Secondly, it would imply that Dieussart was already in touch with Arundel--albeit perhaps indirectly--in 1625, but that a decade later the Earl had forgotten all about him.
The determination and ingenuity are admirable, but the additions to knowledge exiguous.
As early as Lesage's preface to the Theatre de la Foire, which shows that dramaturgy is exiguous precisely because of the vaudeville, this aspect was central to the opera-comique.
Other such indications of impatience (or, at least, of the unfinished state of Stein's manuscript) are the absence of diacritics, even in source citations; the lack of a general bibliography (some guides to "extended reading" are provided); and a remarkably exiguous annotation-a mere three pages, and half of that devoted, with very mixed results, to "Ancient India"
Forced to choose between breadth and depth, it chose depth and thus concentrated its energies upon the exiguous understanding of texts in microscopic philological detail.
The Restoration is preceded by a relatively exiguous exchange of pamphlets; the cabin counsellors of Monck, not royalist propagandists like Roger L'Estrange, ended the English republic.
In addition to her original work, which is even more exiguous in extent than it sounds, a full third of her Penguin collection being taken up with her ephemeral book and theatre reviews, a hard core of her spoken remarks has been handed down in biographies and elsewhere, and in these the black diamonds of her wit coruscate as intensely as ever.
Of course, you would not know that from the exiguous and paltry Congressional debate on the gulf deployment.
If big hooters discouraged further reproduction, the evolutionary benefit to the woman would seem exiguous, and big boobs ought to vanish.