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Synonyms for exhume

dig up


Synonyms for exhume

dig up for reburial or for medical investigation


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Tirawi stressed that all Arafat family members, as well as the political and religious circles have agreed to exhume the body.
Jim and Yvonne Collinson, from Perth, asked police to exhume the body of 17-yearold James, who died at Deepcut, Surrey, in March this year from a single gunshot to the head.
A group of Japanese and Koreans on Friday joined hands to exhume three sets of remains at a site in Hokkaido where a number of Korean forced laborers and Japanese workers were buried without ceremony before and during World War II, organizers said.
Now they are to exhume his body and carry out another funeral ceremony next week.
He also alleged that despite being given the Royal Prerogative of Mercy in 2000 to exhume the bodies for reburial, the authorities had made little or no attempt to contact any living relatives or descendants of the 'forgotten' men.
It's bad enough that they asked us to exhume Chris, but then to let it drag on and not let us know the results, it's just heartbreaking.
A HEARTBROKEN widow has been allowed to exhume her husband's remains to fulfil his dying wish "to be set free".
In view of all the previous sightings and the significant nature of the wounds to the goat, arrangements have been made to exhume the carcass to establish how it died.
Authorities in Spain say taxes levied on graves, a practice in that country, are outstanding on Sir Gilbert's plot and are planning to exhume his remains and dispose of them in a common ossuary.
THE fault of the Rev Nigel Carter in wrongly burying Danny Hastelow in the wrong plot was tragic and it is sad that when Mrs Roper spoke after the decision to exhume Mr Hastelow she did not mention by name the Hastelow family (Mail, April 7).
On Tuesday they will exhume a body from Highfield cemetery at Bradbury, Stockport.
The plan to exhume his body is her way of letting him finally rest in peace and ensuring that his legacy is his amazing musical talent, not a sick freak show.
Investigating officer and Inspector of Islamabad Secretariat police station, Mubarak Mand had filed a request in Magistrate's court to exhume the body of deceased National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officer Kamran Faisal.
AN operation was under way last night to exhume the body of a man who died in a Greek hospital 11 years ago.