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Synonyms for exhume

dig up


Synonyms for exhume

dig up for reburial or for medical investigation


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A source close to the investigation said: "The pressure of concerned relatives means that there will be more exhumations.
Exhumations in civilian areas lead to the discovery of the remains of 1.
Girod said the go-ahead has been given for exhumations to be carried out in military areas in the occupied north and work is already under way in one such site.
Dean Gilmore, captain of the investigations department for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, which will oversee the exhumations, said Friday that his office has spoken with Glendale police but declined further comment.
Six investigators are still assigned full time to the case and are talking with families of people who died at the hospital about possible exhumations.
In previous exhumations in the Serb-held Srebrenica region, war-crimes investigators have found the remains of what is believed to be only a tiny fraction of the total number of massacre victims.
At the moment exhumations are being carried out in nine locations in the north and south of the island.
Contract notice: 14051v supply of transport and cremation boxes bones related administrative exhumations for eight cemeteries managed by the city of strasbourg.
The phenomenon of mass graves exhumations in Spain has attracted the attention of anthropologists, forensic scientists and archaeologists from all over the world.
Mandela's grandson and ANC MP, Mandla Mandela, who is the chief of the area, ordered the exhumations.
Erol Kurkcuoglu, said that in exhumations conducted in Erzurum's Alaca village 268 skeletons were found.
The exhumations were deemed necessary because an expert assessment of the crypt made several years ago found extensive dampness and irreparable seepage.
Police investigating suspicious deaths at a care home finished the first of three "unprecedented" exhumations at dawn today.
This would allow the victims to be laid to rest in their own plot - but only if all the families involved agree to the exhumations.