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Synonyms for exhume

dig up


Synonyms for exhume

dig up for reburial or for medical investigation


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AengiA says that on October 24, 2016, exhumation of remains from the barn and from the graveyard in HemlijaA
We are now at the stage where the team is dealing with this exhumation in a coordinated way," he said and even suggested special measures should be taken to protect the site when it came to any work on nearby buildings or roads.
MYSTERY surrounds the exhumation of a body from an Afan Valley cemetery.
Scientists have been conducting the exhumation called "bringing the massacre by Armenians into light" in a mass grave in Tepekoy village of Erzurum.
Lack of finance meant, however, that no action was taken at the time but late last year, the parish sought an exhumation licence and applied for planning permission for a new burial ground at the back of the Cathedral.
25am to complete the exhumation at Glastonbury Cemetery.
But Mr Ahern has stressed the DNA testing can only take place if each family agrees to the exhumation of the bodies from the plot.
Coun Morgan admitted it was possible relatives of the deceased were still living in Treherbert and may be worried about the exhumations, but said if the procedure was handled carefully and thoughtfully there should be few concerns.
Both authors describe their work at the exhumations of mass graves for men, women, and children, civilians killed in cold blood by armed forces.
As with last week's exhumations, the body was to be taken to Bishop Auckland General Hospital.
The two further exhumations were carried out in cemeteries at South Church, near Bishop Auckland, and Newton Aycliffe early yesterday.
Then they obtained court orders to conduct exhumations and participated in the autopsies - personally putting organs in jars, mixing the necessary chemicals to create preservatives and transporting tissue samples to laboratories for tests.
Exhumations are allowed in Romania when the circumstances of death are suspicious.
The exhumations are set to take place in the next few weeks.