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  • verb

Synonyms for exhort

Synonyms for exhort

to impel to action


Synonyms for exhort

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

force or impel in an indicated direction

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If you don't know the image that your action conveys, you have not done your homework," Ruckus media trainer Bill Walker exhorts during the media seminar.
Lubovitch reminds us that dancing ain't brain surgery, and exhorts us to enjoy his choreographic patisserie.
In it West exhorts us to first acknowledge "the monumental eclipse of hope, the unprecedented collapse of meaning, .
Under a passage headed Institutional constraints," it exhorts us to keep fighting the system and don't give up hope
This notice formally exhorts these organizations to support CathayOne's e-stage.
The covenant-making ceremony of Joshua 24 includes our text in which Joshua exhorts the people of Israel to "choose this day whom you will serve.
The Synod exhorts divorced Catholics to live chaste lives, "according to God's law.
She exhorts him in Spanish to work on his homework, and he responds dutifully in English.
Next, on page 77 the author exhorts readers to self-inquiry to discover themselves: '.
In a time when the world exhorts us to be relentlessly self-actualized, it asks us to rest quietly.
Zen/zoning in and out of attention to the Limbo-like street scene, Laure fantasizes and dries her tidal wave of brunet curls in front of the car's heater, while an annoyingly chirpy radio announcer exhorts drivers to be patient, courteous and to pick up stranded pedestrians.
Wal-Mart bulldozes forests, farms and hometown retailers "anchoring" malls, then exhorts customers to "buy American" products; not that easy to do since 83% of the stock on Sam's shelves is foreign made.
Greenberg's boasts of literary heavy lifting reek of the icky self-congratulation of a post-collegiate know-it-all, but they also constitute his charm, as when, for instance, he exhorts Harold to "read Racine over again.
In "Love and the Enemy," he exhorts black leadership (and we, the people, too) to outgrow reactive rage.
human society itself are rampant, the Council earnestly exhorts