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Synonyms for exhort

Synonyms for exhort

to impel to action


Synonyms for exhort

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

force or impel in an indicated direction

References in classic literature ?
Lawrence Grills, exhorting that gentleman to save the brand who "honoured" the letter from the burning.
Mayor, you will use your study and knowledge of Durdles to the good purpose of exhorting him not to break our worthy and respected Choir-Master's neck; we cannot afford it; his head and voice are much too valuable to us.
The venerable Chaplain of the Fortress being then admitted and exhorting the prisoner to repentance, entreating him also to atone for his crime by an unreserved and full confession which should help to liberate from the sin of rebellion against the Divine laws and the sacred Majesty of the Ruler, our Christ-loving land-- the prisoner opens his lips for the first time during this morning's audience and in a loud, clear voice rejects the venerable Chaplain's ministrations.
Furious, and yet strangely excited by the obstinacy of the brutes and the wildness of the sight, and nearly maddened by sympathy and a species of unconscious apprehension, in which the claims of nature were singularly mingled with concern for his mistress, he nearly split his throat in exhorting his aged friend to interfere.
However, he afterwards talked very gravely to me, exhorting me to go back to my father, and not tempt Providence to my ruin, telling me I might see a visible hand of Heaven against me.
The honest locksmith alone addressed a few words of coherent and sensible advice to both parties, urging John Willet to remember that Joe was nearly arrived at man's estate, and should not be ruled with too tight a hand, and exhorting Joe himself to bear with his father's caprices, and rather endeavour to turn them aside by temperate remonstrance than by ill-timed rebellion.
I told him we would call them all together, and leave it in charge with them, or go to them, one by one, which he thought best; so we divided it--he to speak to the Spaniards, who were all Papists, and I to speak to the English, who were all Protestants; and we recommended it earnestly to them, and made them promise that they would never make any distinction of Papist or Protestant in their exhorting the savages to turn Christians, but teach them the general knowledge of the true God, and of their Saviour Jesus Christ; and they likewise promised us that they would never have any differences or disputes one with another about religion.
The noise was at its height, and half the company had elevated their voices into a perfect shriek in order to drown the voices of the other half, when Mrs Jiniwin was seen to change colour and shake her forefinger stealthily, as if exhorting them to silence.
Act in the spirit of prophet-hood Oh youngster men and women in pursuit of justice and Truth as prescribed by the Lady of Lebanon, Rahi concluded by exhorting them.
The signees commend the measures taken by the caretaker government to offer the needed conditions for the organisation of democratic, transparent and credible elections, exhorting it to show neutrality towards all running tickets.
Summary: The Internet Freedom Movement (IFM) has issued a video bulletin[1] exhorting users of the internet to
Here we are, 26 years later and the president of The Florida Bar is again exhorting lawyers to do pro bono work.
The story begins when Prokop -- an experienced athlete and editor of Runner's World and Muscle and Fitness magazines -- tried to ride through a narrow gate, despite prominent warnings exhorting riders to "walk bike" through it.
denounces the greed of corprotized church tithing (especially in terrorizing one's flock with accusations of thievery from God if they do not relinquish 10% of their income), the Catholic Church's idolatry of its system of concentrated power that does not hold child-molesting priests accountable for their crimes (though it is a myth that child molestation happens only in Catholic churches--it occurs in Protestant and other churches as well), the harm in exhorting that man is saved through faith alone, neglecting the importance of good works in bringing one's spirit closer to the divine, and much more.
He plans to spend his year in office exhorting every member of the AICPA and state societies to work together to make significant improvements in four areas: interstate practice mobility, private company financial reporting, diversity in the profession and Americans' ability to manage their personal finances.