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Synonyms for exhort

Synonyms for exhort

to impel to action


Synonyms for exhort

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

force or impel in an indicated direction

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The manuscript's contents, however, clearly reflected the needs of the authorities, who used representatives of the clergy during criminal cases both as exhorters and as inquisitors.
Despite the efforts of white Southerners, however, the South saw a spectacular rise of black preachers and spiritual exhorters, especially among Baptists and Methodists.
18) The effect of the Caribbean's unhealthy environment on efforts to proselytize the slaves was to force white missionaries, who sickened and died from yellow fever and malaria at an astonishingly high rate, to train Afro-Antilleans as lay exhorters and class leaders.
As they had firmly accepted the Bible as their spiritual road map, Dunbar created characters in his fiction as well as his poetry who were exhorters of the Word.
It can be no surprise then that all four of the Latin "doctors" are renowned not only as theologians, but as preachers and moral exhorters.
of Outdoor Indoor Anxious Preachers Services Preaching Inquirers and held Services Recorded Exhorters held Whitechapel 55 1040 780 612 Shoreditch 56 832 1040 424 Limehouse 36 312 676 350 Poplar 24 1093 988 400 Croydon 17 520 520 280 Hastings 38 364 572 150 Portsmouth 19 546 676 650 (9 months) Wellingboro' 4 156 156 120 Kettering 8 116 232 80 Chatham 8 91 104 154 (3 months) Totals 265 5070 5744 3220 DISTRICT Amount contributed by the people towards the support of the work [pounds sterling] s.
After surveying its early growth, Wigger explains in detail Methodism's structures, roles, and their importance; the high level of cooperation among laity and clergy; and the various roles of exhorters, preachers, and superintendents.
For Cone, the Black Church, that Church of the slave religion, the Church of the spirituals, the Church under the oppression of White slave owners, the Church of exhorters, the Church of Sojourner Truth, of Frederick Douglass, and of Harriet Tubman, is the Church that is the repository of the Black tradition.
They also perceived that religion offered them some autonomy over part of their lives, and therefore eagerly seized the opportunity to participate actively in leadership roles from leading prayers and classes to becoming exhorters and preachers.
Why did the authors of the Bible choose mainly to be storytellers rather than blunt exhorters with a moral tag at the end of each story?
In positing the existence of a moral code, universally true in its application, these exhorters accidentally brought into question the fundamental maxim of democratic government: that people either by representatives or by themselves determine the rules of their society by majority vote.
What Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, George Bush and assorted other exhorters to goodness were preaching in Philadelphia, Judge Burgess was practicing.
They were the chief fund-raisers in missionary departments and the chief exhorters in worship services.
Up and down Wales for the remainder of the century a host of lesser exhorters opposed the revellers and sometimes suffered for this.
As Carib is the last in the lines of Caribs the exhorters, the hope is that the children will carry on the business of remembering.