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Synonyms for exhort

Synonyms for exhort

to impel to action


Synonyms for exhort

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

force or impel in an indicated direction

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Hammet's first missionary was a free black exhorter from Charleston named Samuel Hunt who went to New Providence in 1793.
There was no cultural commissar in Washington or grand propaganda machine that orchestrated this effort, though there were a few American aspirants to the role of boosterish exhorter, at least in the realm of literature.
He became famous as a local preacher and exhorter, and assisted Major Neal in the organization of classes at Queenston, Drummondville (Niagara Falls South) and old Niagara.
Revelation, in this view, has a supplementary role: it functions as warner, exhorter, supplier of detail, and stipulator of ritual requirements.
Cette realite doit particulierement exhorter le ministere de l'Education a revoir les emplois du temps et les horaires qui s'accordent mal avec une integration solide des arts dans le programme scolaire.
Elle a souligne le role d'Information dans le renforcement de la Culture la responsabilite Social et de exhorter la societe de faire des roles positifs.
Lors de ce congres, la delegation marocaine a appele a la constitution d'un reseau des parlementaires maghrebins pour faire du lobbying aupres des gouvernements de la region afin de les exhorter a adopter des lois abrogeant la peine de mort.
Le Comite des jeunes avocats et des membres du Parquet general ont par ailleurs appele la population a envoyer des telegrammes a l'adresse du Palais de Justice pour exhorter le Procureur general a se soumettre au verdict stipulant sa destitution de son poste.
Attaway, the she-preacher of Coleman Street in London; Dorothy Hazzard of Bristol, whose bravery earned her the epithet, "the he-goat before the flock"; and eighteenth-century American Baptists, Martha Stearns Marshall, the Sandy Creek exhorter, and Martha Meuse Clay and Hannah Lee, both of the latter of whom suffered for the cause of religious liberty.
L'objet, sous la plume jesuite, est presente comme soutenant d'autant mieux l'edification des Amerindiens que les nouveaux chretiens l'utilisent pour exhorter leurs compatriotes a la conversion.
Another unskilled worker, exhorter George White, avoided political questions.
26) He is not named in Moore's History as an ordained Deacon, Elder or Bishop in Old Zion, so he must have functioned as an Exhorter (licensed public speaker), local preacher or itinerant preacher in the Church's hierarchy.
In Invisible Man for example, he creates a character, Ras, the Exhorter, who later becomes Ras, the Destroyer.
Par exemple, celui-ci compare l'extremisme hutu au nazisme (de Goebbels) pour exhorter la race tutsi a suivre l'exemple de la race juive :
The rapid growth of egalitarian denominations, including the Baptists and the Methodists, with their embrace of frontier religious institutions such as the camp meeting and the lay exhorter, led to an upsurge in extemporaneous preaching, with an emphasis on informality and emotionalism.