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giving strong encouragement

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However, these instruments tend to be general, setting out exhortatory principles, but not containing any specific requirements as to enforcement, compliance and sanctions.
and exhortatory and her fervent plea was not for herself but for her
37) Such an expression, although influential, is exhortatory and therefore not a binding decision within the contemplation of article 25 of the Charter.
These frameworks can be helpful as long as they remain explanatory, exhortatory, and voluntary.
The historical past of the various regions and cities touched by Petrarch, with its cultural and symbolic import, is brought to the fore always with strong emotional participation expressed either with longing or with exhortatory and polemic force (Avignon, Vaucluse, Italy, with her cities: Naples and her Vergilian memories, Rome, with her classical and Christian heritage, Parma, Milan, Padua .
True enough, Whitman's and Very's modes could hardly be more different: one cosmic, expansive, and amorous, the other scriptural, introspective, and exhortatory.
Moving from a four-page paper filled with short exhortatory articles to a twelve-to-sixteen-page paper with lengthier pieces, more regular contributors and columns, JEC included in its pages articles on global events, intellectual and professional formation, and cultural matters, which encompassed art, literature, cinema, in addition to fiction written by students.
It is "academic", much more linear and much less exhortatory than the other two; where the first is addressed to hotel guests, and the second to a philosopher's fellow citizens, (84) this addresses itself to "philosophy"--to its four-dimensional desire, its present state, its orientations, its flaws, its questioning by the world--and through his address to it, works towards a new style and a new doctrine of and for it.
Walker's exhortatory approach to community development presents cooperative economics as a strategy arising from core community values, but one in need of the kind of policing DuBois describes.
But once the director delivers his rousing exhortatory speech, cuing the action by intoning the novel's title line, the playacting slowly grades into genuine conflict, owing to some directorial incentive ($200) to rewrite history as well as the presence of an all-black Union platoon of which Tully has been given command: the artificial construct poses a real threat.
The exhortatory epistle, mostly written for encouraging the reader to pursue the study of letters, and the gratulatory epistle were by far the other two most favorite genres of fifteenth-century Castile.
He admonished his readers in a particularly exhortatory essay in Bangadarshan titled "Bangalir Vahuval" (Shravan, 1281 B.
From the outset it adopts an exhortatory rhetorical tone--'Man & woman I will pe tell / What luf I haue done to pe' (21)--which is related to the genre of the complaint, not the charter.
Critics argue that much of the research on teams is "anecdotal, exhortatory and prescriptive.
When a philosopher is as public and exhortatory as Singer, this kind of circumspection is a pressing requirement, lest his philosophy be taken as an unmediated basis for (possibly disastrous) action.