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giving strong encouragement

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They vary in effectiveness from strong (Oregon) to almost purely exhortatory (Georgia).
There was something to starting the academic year in the same month as the anniversary of Philippine independence and the birthday of the national hero Jose Rizal; the schedule lent itself to educational purposes and exhortatory uses.
In all these years none of these people articulated him/herself by characterising their situation as their 'modernity' although both they and I used all the lingual registers that Lattas and Jacka listed above, as well as a whole range of derogatory and exhortatory characterisations from both Tok Pisin and Tok Pies (specifically Yagwoia), including 'kanaka' (bush yokel, primitive) and 'wailman' (wild man, savage).
Anker, supra note 21, at 42 (counseling not to "read too much into some of [the Refugee Act's] exhortatory rhetoric").
is largely exhortatory and contains few enforceable provisions.
A key issue at stake in these competing interpretations is how to understand the development of doctrine, especially as it relates to the teaching of Vatican II itself, expressed in exhortatory and pastoral language devoid of the customary anathemata, vis-a-vis previous magisterial teaching, characterized by more precise technical, theological, and juridical language.
American household songwriters became particularly active in 1918, writing exhortatory ballads like Clare Cox Keith's "Over the Top With Old Glory," or Bessie L.
This Soviet culture was pedagogical, exhortatory, and millenarian.
Its approach of generality confirms the Code as illustrative and exhortatory, and is found in a number of places in the Code:
The final section, "In Perspective," is more exhortatory, less methodologically driven, than its predecessors.
Following Penelope (1990), I am looking for presence or absence of agency,deixis, false deixis, and exhortatory phrases.
text as exhortatory, in which case jurisdiction is unlikely to be found.
Nonetheless, this rigorous book stands as the definitive critical examination of Edgar's remarkable intellectual achievement and exhortatory social intervention.
Instead, the Plan document is littered with exhortatory, populist, nationalist and patronising slogans, possibly in an effort to promote the illusion of cohesion and solidarity in an obscenely inegalitarian society.
62) Rickett's romance seems to be an extension of his ministry, employing a fashionable and easily digested literary form for his exhortatory purposes.