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Unless the emphasis on hope promotes engagement with social ills, then not only does "hope" seem insipid, but the concept of "a sacrament of hope" becomes meaningless, since any sacrament must be, in Rahner's terms, "an exhibitive word": it must be able not simply to talk about its subject, but to make it present.
As if to compensate for these conditions, the B Circuit has a range of exhibitive practices including the installation of idols during the screening of devotional films, thereby legitimizing and facilitating the audience entering a trance-like state.
He directed to the possibility identification of the problems and the solutions of improve the procedures of scan, model and prototyping for which mark can be classified exhibitive of the study of a cavities casts in the case realization through inject.
Creating an exhibitive and socially-relaxed atmosphere with participants from state and regional ethno-religious institutions and non-ethnic based others, government representatives, and visitors from a broad range of backgrounds including non-Muslims, MEFF has attempted to help Australian Muslims `adopt and thrive' not only as a unified Muslim community, but also as an Australian one.
While Rorty takes this in an anti-philosophical direction (to which Cahoone objects) by way of a reading of Derrida (to which Cahoone further objects), Buchler works with it so as to widen the notion of judgment and truth to include not only assertive and pragmatic truth but even exhibitive truth, which becomes central for Cahoone.
In Europe, not only is this fashion viewed as ostentatious but as gaudy and exhibitive.