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Synonyms for exhibitionist

Synonyms for exhibitionist

someone with a compulsive desire to expose the genitals


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someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract attention

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If the University of Oregon is concerned that nudity might encourage exhibitionists and 'wrong thoughts,'" Halpren wrote on her blog, "it should also limit all Internet access, as naked bodies are just a click away.
Ed Mitchard, in mitigation, said Jones was an exhibitionist and could only put the offences down to a "moment of madness" while under the influence of drugs.
Closing date for applications is September 28 and exhibitionists will be unveiled on October 12.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with pornography and I should think any pervert who thought otherwise would find out pretty quickly that genuine naturists have no time for peeping toms and exhibitionists, wee, big or otherwise.
The busty glamour girl, who has been a long-standing rival of fellow exhibitionist Jordan, just shades market leadership from a man known as Maggot.
Thus, religious devotees demonstrate, sexualities are paraded like flags on a battlefield, and human weakness gets its fifteen minutes of fame--not out of some peculiar exhibitionist fetish but because only through public expression can we claim ownership of the fleeting, ghostly emanations of private fantasy.
For one thing, he argues that the exhibitionist strain in contemporary American culture reinforces popular indifference to privacy.
Which is great if you're the exhibitionist sporty type who doesn't mind people staring and laughing at you.
He was a great exhibition creator, as well as exhibitionist, notably with his Diaghilev Exhibition in Edinburgh and London in 1954.
The tenuous relationship between the voyeur and the exhibitionist evaporates once personality enters the picture.
Assertions of power, in McLaren's reading, these discourses invented--"constructed"--various new negative concepts of manhood, such as the cad, the weakling, the sadist, the exhibitionist, and others, having the effect of narrowing down the boundaries of respectable masculinity.
Alarmed at the idea of preteens with access to pornographic channels and chat rooms, or youngsters visiting the Web sites of exhibitionist coeds, a growing number of folks express fears that we may be raising a generation of voyeurs.
Monumental in size, the planning was purely functional, with only the central festival square pertaining to the grand exhibitionist style of totalitarian architecture, symbolised in buildings such as the Reichstagspartei building in Nuremberg.
From body scarification in Ethiopia to the exhibitionist beaches of Brazil, from the masters of traditional tattoo in Tokyo to the catwalks of Manhattan, from motorcycle bikers in South Dakota to the high society of Southern Californian debutantes, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER unlocks the secrets of the world's cultures-and subcultures-through their own definitions of beauty.