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someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see

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The noise from the masses, exhibitioners, animals, electric rides, and other machinery must have been overwhelming: "A jumble of exhibits and the crush of people made any coherent sense of the place difficult, if not impossible, to achieve" (James Gilbert, "A Contest of Cultures' Fin de Siecle," History Today 42, no.
Sources told that "Expo Pakistan" exhibition was scheduled from 22nd December to 24th December 2009 here in Karachi Expo Centre in which more than 500 exhibitioners were likely to participate in the "Expo Pakistan" in order to introduce state-of-the-art items being manufactured in Pakistan.
Exhibitioners by and large echoed Fairley's consensus that brand protection and anti-counterfeiting is the major labeling trend in India.
The interest populations considered were: franchisors who participated as exhibitioners at The Franchise Market, in February 2008 at Bucharest and potential franchisees who participated as buyers.
Heaman, "Taking the World by Show: Canadian Women as Exhibitioners to 1900," Canadian Historical Review, 78 (December 1997), 599-631.
Exhibitioners had to respond to local contexts: those in Calcutta offered separate viewings for women in purdah.
Last year, Adihex saw 600 exhibitioners in a 38,000 square-metre space, the largest the event has ever been, and this year it is expected to be even larger, with more than 100,000 guests anticipated.